Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Starting Online E-Commerce Site in India

Do you have a business plan? But can't spend thousands of Rs. on its website development? How will you get hosting, payment gateway etc.

All these things trouble for any new online e-commerce startup. But recently I stumbled upon a new service and they are really superb for starters. The First and foremost thing for starter should be ease of use. If your site grows then you will surely need a customized solution but that solution will need funds too. But for starting you won't need such things. The only requirement will be a site which has easy to use admin panel, easy to add products (I have used opencart too and I can tell you even opencart is easy but still its time consuming), easy to navigate for customers, easy login/signup, and integration of Payment Gateway.

Apart from above, you will also need a reliable webhosting which will cost you around $100-200 per year. If you are yourself a web developer and have lots of time then you can make your own website but if not then you will need some solution and I am giving you the solution in this post.

First of all let me tell you one small thing, if you want to start a hobby website like selling your craft products, selling your antiques etc. then you won't be having Sales Tax registration number which is mandatory for almost all payment gateway but with Zepo you can register as individual, and get payment gateway facility. Isn't it great?

First of all here is the link for the website : Zepo

Now something regarding its service and comparison with others:

1. Costing: Zepo has three plans, Basic, Starter and Pro. Though for many basic will suffice but I will not recommend it as you won't be getting payment gateway along with this plan. Pro is also not very useful plan. Its useful only if you have more than 1000 products. For any starting website, the best plan is starter. And they also give 20% discount on annual payment. Price of starter plan is really good and at the cost of hosting (with any reputed company) you will get full website.

2. Features : Zepo is full of features required by any starter but my fav feature is having the ability for facebook login. That gives advantage for new customers who don't want to signup with lengthy forms.

3. Payment Gateway:  They give free payment gateway with their plans. Yes I am correct, they pay the initial payment gateway themselves, so you will get free payment gateway. Consider this a payment gateway registration fee is Rs. 25000/- and this you get for free.

4. Support: They have great support and provide free 14 days trial so that you can check their website and make your store ready even before paying.

5. Themes: They have attractive themes for your use. You will love them.

I would only say that having an e-commerce website was costly affair previously, running it was a tiresome job but with Zepo everything is at ease.

PS: I also checked for similar service providers but their prices were so high that even if I joined them then my whole year's profit will go for their initial setup only. So do check with others too and you will know what I want to say.

To join you can also click on following banner:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Get Free Software Daily

Giveaway of the Day is a service or better say an idea through which you get daily one paid software for free. There are no ads or any shareware softwares. They all are fully functional paid softwares.

The only catch is that each software is available for 24 hours only, if you don't download and install in those 24 hours then you won't be able to get it for free but if you have downloaded and installed it in those 24 hours then you can have it forever for free.

Site link : Giveaway of the Day

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hottest Photo shoot of Sunny Leone

Hottest Photo Shoot of Sunny Leone


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Beautiful Katrina Kaif

A beautiful picture of Katrina Kaif.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Speakasia Gone

On 18th April 2011, I said that is not a genuine company and eventually they will run away. Though is gone due to Govt. pressure but it was because they were fraud. Have you ever saw anyone closing down there profitable business because they can't show legit documents to Govt? unless they are fraud why they don't have any documents.

Anyway, their domain is also seized by Godaddy due to invalid Registration information. Their operations have halted and all those who have paid in past one year are now waiting when the company will run back. God bless them.

Here is the post which I made back saying speak asia is fraud : Beware of

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