Monday, October 31, 2005

At home for Deepawali Holidays

After long time I am getting time to write. I have been under a busy schedule at IIMS.  I was having three exams daily and for that I also have to prepare as I was wishing to get good marks without any unfair means.
Now from 30th my holidays starts and will last for 6 days. My papers went fine and I left college on 29th. I went with Gyan sir to faridpur to get a bus at 1 pm but I was unable to get any so we came back to bly. We found that all our classmates were coming out of the college so I joined them. We went to Satellite Bus Stand but were unable to get any bus untill 4:30 pm. I reached home at 6:30 pm then I came to know about the shop's enaguration so I went to shop and stayed there till 10 pm. I came back ome at night.
Yesterday was the enaguration of the shop so I stayed there till 11 pm in night. It was a tedious working day. Today I am damm tired. I hope I will get sufficient relaxation but no problem today and tomarow I have to work hard then I will get leave (atleast hope so).
I will write more later when I get time. till then bye.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Nice technology Web Forum

I found this forum to be very usefull for me as well as for those who
are interested in customising their Windows OS.

Its great.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The most selfish 1 letter word "I"

The most selfish 1 letter word "I" Avoid it.


The most satisfying 2-letter word "WE" Use it.


The most poisonous 3-letter word "EGO" Kill it.


The most used 4-letter word "LOVE" Value it.


The most pleasing 5-letter word "SMILE" Keep it.


The fastest spreading 6-letter word "RUMOUR" Ignore it.


The hardest working 7-letter word "SUCCESS" Achieve it.


The most enviable 8-letter word "JEALOUSY" Distance it.


The most powerful 9-letter word "KNOWLEDGE" Acquire it.


The most essential 10-letter word "CONFIDENCE" Trust it

Faster, Faster and Faster

Now my real self is showing itself, faster driving, more than ever. Yesterday I drove very fast as compared to my normal driving, the fact was that it was night time when i came back with Ashish from Mela some body overtaken me in bad way so I put my effort to defeat that person since that was difficult as he already has got a good distance so I have to drive faster than usual, So fast that even Ashish feared my driving. I was unable to see far as there was heavy traffic but I defeated him within 5 minutes under the fly over.

I am now amazed on myself as few months back I left the habit of defeating every one coming in front of me but now all of a sudden I am unable to stop myself from racing.

But unfortunately this habit will die as tomorrow I will be back to college and there I am unable to get my hands on any bike or Car.

Apart from this I met Shashank yesterday and enjoyed a lot with him. I also met Mumtaz today and she told me about her engagement. She is going to be married on 3rd Jan. My best wishes are always with her.

Today most of the time I spent with my computer, I was copying softwares on my hard disk, which I will take back with me to Invertis.



Microsoft Indexing Service

Microsoft has putted a great feature in Windows 2000 and Windows XP although it is undocumented but it will boost the searching of files and folders.
I don't know why they didn't documented it as it is a nice feature and it should be enabled.

To enable Indexing Service, do the following steps :
(These steps are from Windows XP. Windows 2000 will also have similar enabling)

1. Start Search from the start menu.
2. Click on preference.
3. Enable Indexing Service.
4. Now leave your PC idle for few hours as Indexing Service will build its database, this step is not important but it is recommended as without the database you will not get the full potential.
If you don't have time then don't worry because Indexing Service, if started, will itself build the database whenever your PC will be idle for long.

So now you will be able to search faster without the help of any additional tools.


Monday, October 10, 2005

Back at home

I am back at home. I came back yesterday after classes but I was too tired to access the net.
Today I spent most of my time at my Shop. I also got today the Hindi Version of The Godfather. I brought some more movies today, that are , The Last Samurai, Batman Begins, Face/Off, Phantom and a Cartoon movie of Batman. Apart from these I brought a couple of DVDs too.
These are : Transporter, The Hero
I like these movies a lot, especially The Hero, Last Samurai and Transporter. Not to mention my Favourite The Godfather. I am a die hard fan of The Godfather and I have the complete Collection of it on CD although I will love to get the 5 DVD Set of The Godfather Trilogy.
I also accessed my mail today after long time and sent the invitations to my seniors. I was surprised as at my Institute the Web browser isn't supported by Gmail so I was not able to send them invitations from college lab.
Most of my time today went in watching movies and spending some time with my family.
At last I have got the much awaited rest.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Need some rest.....

I need some rest so I am looking for holiday. hope I will get it soon.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

From Invertis Mail System...........

I am posting this message via Invertis Mail System. I don't know how
effective it will be but if it is then its a great feature. I hope this
will work.

However life at Invertis is cool but still labourous as we are having Ram
Katha at our College. So We are spending 9 am in morning and we are
attending classes till 2:30 pm then we are attending the Ram Katha from 3
pm to 6:30 pm.

So its hard days nowdays.

bye as I am leaving for my next lecture.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

One more day in life....

From today at our institute Ram Katha will start and the schedule of classes will change from tomarrow.

Now today I felt a little bit better than yesterday and I hope I will regain my interest in studies and life very soon.

Bye for now....


Monday, October 03, 2005

Changing myself

Changing myself, The process I have been undergone many times but this time it is difficult but I am trying to change myself. For instance I have changed a lot today.

Apart from this transition I am also have a lot of stress these days. I am talking to mom nearly two times daily but still I am judging my decision of coming to Invertis. I hope I will justify myself.

I have got the marks of Accountancy (24). Today also the classes were ended at 1:15 pm as the solar eclipse was occuring today.

Now I am ending this post hoping that I will find answers to all the questions arrising in my mind these days.


Saturday, October 01, 2005

I am confused!

I don't know whats going up. I am getting more and more confusing. I
am sleeping more than I use to, I am not liking anything, I get frustated easily now days and also I feel very odd these days. I am unable to find whats going on within me.

Since day before yesterday I am having this feeling. I am staying tense all the time and I am also not able to understand my behaviour. May be I need some time to relax and thats why I am sleeping more than required (even I got sleepy during class).

I got marks of few subjest : Marketing Management (16), Communication (19) and Law (21). These are the scores which I achieved all by myself. I have done a little bit (or to say a lot) cheating in others but I was unable to do anything in these papers all except Law in which I asked points from Deepika.

I am also a little bit angry with myself. I can't say the reason here but Its related to the day of 23rd Sep., and 25th Sep., I know I have special meanings for these days but I was so busy on these days that I didn't done anything.

Sorry to both of you as I forgot your birthdays. I am getting more and more forgetful because previously in this month I forgot the birthday of Mahendra (6th Sep.).

I don't know what more to write so I am closing this post as I am not feeling very well from inside my heart right know.

God please help me understand my behaviour.


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