Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year

After long time I am posting back. It was not like that I didn't had anything to post but I didn't got enough time to post.

Since past two months I was very busy. I previously thought that after completing MBA I will get enough time to recollect my previous life but it seems to me now that Only Uncertainty is Certain in this life.

My parents had found me my soul mate and these days I am busy chatting with her (mostly whenever I get free time). I had read few books, I liked the book "The Devil and Mis Prym" written by Paulo Coleho most among them. It is great book and I will write about it if I sooner get time. Also during this time I had watched many movies, in bollywood two named Dhoka and Welcome, and In Hollywood many. I watched few cartoon adaptations like Superman:Doomsday and Superman: Briniac's Attack. After watching Doomsday I immediately understood that The final battle between Neo and Agent Smith in The Matrix Revolution was highly inspired by the Battle between Superman and Doomsday.

I also got chance to watch "The Devil's Advocate", the movie I was looking to watch since two years, and it didn't disappointed me either. It was a great movie with superb story and Best acting done by Al Pacino as Devil. I must recommend it for all the movie lovers. A Must Watch.

I also had many experience in past year which I hope that I may someday recollect and post but till then I had to take a quick leave as my daily routine doesn't allows me the luxury to have so much time writing posts.

Hope to exit from this very soon.

Till then Happy New Year to all and enjoy being what you are, whether it may be good or bad, but be what you are. That will bring happiness in your heart.

So Enjoy

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