Friday, January 26, 2007

Pirates of Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest

This is a nice movie but the only problem is that it is of two parts and I have to wait for more than three months to watch its end in the next movie i.e. Pirates of Caribbean : At the world's End.

This one has very cool acting by Johny Depp and he has definetly took care of the whole movie over his shoulders.

Should be seen but it would be better to wait for the final installment and then watch both the movies on the same time.

Superman Returns

Last week I brought the VCD pack of Superman Returns. I firstly thought that this would be a nice movie.

After watching the movie I think that the special effects were very great but the storyline needed to be much better. The only problem I found with the story was that it left the question that in previous movie Lois knew the hidden identity of Superman but it was not mentioned here. Also many questions were left unanswered. The main focus remained only on the son of Lois Lane.

Overall this movie was better than any regular hollywood movie. So it should be left on the must see list.


These days were very busy for me.

Being a placement committee member I have to assist the placement cell for organising the various interviews which helded at our campus. To name the companies which came to our campus are Kotak Mahindra, Tata AIG, Indiamart, TCI, Cipla, Lupin, ICICI Prudential and many more.

We had some cool time also since I didn't appeared into all those interviews so I took the best time advantage of the time.

I also had some cool time with friends and I sat in only three companies and to my surprise I was shortlisted in all three. They were ICICI Prudential, Cipla and Birla sun life insurance. I didn't gave the final interview of Cipla and tomarow is my final interview for Birla Sun Life Insurance. Right now I am in Noida at Zeeshan's room and I will go for interview tomarow morning.

I got some time on internet and I am taking its advantage.

Now in this semester also I got some new friends. I also missed some old friends. I never understood that why my friends hit at my back. One of my friend whom I thought of being good friend but he betrayed me at the very moments I needed him. As a result I also didn't helped him for his job options. I gave an advantage to Pujit in Advent Soft as Richa Gupta came for the interview.

There are more which I wish to speak out but I think its not very good time right now so I will post back later.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!

PS. Sorry I would be out for few more days. Will return with more stuffs very soon.

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