Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chandragupt Maurya on Imaging TV

Now a days TV channels are broadcasting Series on Historical Figures but they mix so much fiction in the facts that the Series no longer stays Historical but it becomes a work of fiction so I hate to watch the current Historical TV Series. Today I was watching some random channel and saw an episode of Chandragupt Maurya, to my horror, the real facts were completely missing in the show and lot of fictional work was included and that too copied from different shows.

In the episode I saw (I watched it for only 10 minutes and couldn't bear it) that the Magadh Emperor Dhanand has organised an open arena, the design of the arena is 80% copy of the Ludos of Batiatus in Spartacus TV Series and the color tone, Audience and the situation shown on the Chandragupt Maurya show was ditto copy of the Spartacus Gladiator scenes.

Now the facts: Indians have Wrestling (called as Kusti) and that too was always friendly, but the scenes shown the Chandragupt Maurya showed what we call fight to death and that too Gladiator style. Also during the reign of Dhanand on Magadh there are no proof at all for such activities. Even in later period also there is no such events. Also in one scene it is shown that King Dhanand has ordered an Archer to kill Kid Chandragupt Maurya, while in realty Dhanand never knew about Chandragupta in the early years.

So if such wrong facts are being showed on TV Channels then how can our younger generation would know real facts. Previously I saw Jhansi Ki Rani which also showed a lot of wrong situations and displayed then as true facts which they are wrong.

I still remember the old days when Serials were informative and they carry real facts rather than fictional creations of writer to get higher TRP.

I loved the old TV Series which were aired on Doordarshan like Chanakya, Tipu Sultan, Mahabharat, Betal Pachchisi, Vikram aur Betal etc. they carried so much of information which enhances knowledge but current TV Serials fill garbage in minds of viewers.

I hope that Censor Board may also impose some regulations regarding providing wrong information on programs which are showing Historical peoples.

What you all think???

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Its Long Time !!!!


For long time I have not posted much on this blog, it was due to a lot of things happening in my life and the most important thing that I wanted to enjoy some time with my Son. He is really a great enjoyment for me.

Also In past few months I have decided to leave all the other works and devote my time to my Business and Craft (Of course Family gets the first priority). I am finishing off my old work and slowly denying new task which other expect me to do for them. It was good helping others but now everyone is getting habit of relying on me without considering my time and comfort. Even in past months I faced some people expecting me do their work and that too by going to their home. Funny... I don't get it, why people expect others to help them at their personal comfort. When anyone is not taking any money from you then atleast look that his work or his time is not being spoiled.

So, long story short, due to these annoying people all those whom I help are on loss. Now I am avoiding everyone who calls me to come to their place to help them. What I am, a Saint? No. I have my own responsibilities and also own life. I will continue to help those who come to me. But who expect me to go to them.... Keep Waiting for life.

Other than that I am planning to start a blog on craft. As these days my total attention is towards Crafting like Paper Craft, Greeting Cards and all kind of Art. I am procuring stuffs which might be helpful in making cool greeting cards. Now I am creating a site, a blog and a facebook page which I will regularly update and give a lot of Prizes and tutorials.

I will post update on The Craft Zone (Thats the name I decided to my craft area) very soon.

Also my posting on this blog may be a little bit low but sooner I will be adding quality content.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Great Craft Blog

Today I stumbled upon a really nice craft blog, its very rare to find any Indian doing craft at large scale especially in North India but I am really impressed with content of this blog and I must recommend anyone who is craft lover to visit this blog.

You will get a lots of Great Ideas.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Spartacus : Blood and Sand

Some days back I got chance to watch Spartacus : Blood and Sand Series, previously I never watched any TV Series completely, I had only watched some episodes of Mortal Kombat : Conquest. I never liked TV Series much due to their lengths but since Spartacus : Blood and Sand was of only 13 Episode so I decided to give it a go.

To my surprise it was better than any movie, the scale of the Show, the story, the acting, direction, cinematography I mean everything was superb. I couldn't resist to watch all 13 episodes and I watched them in 4 nights (i.e. around 4 hours daily).

The story of Spartacus was beautifully presented with lots of twist and plots. I must say that it was long time since I watched anything such wonderful.

The plot was based on historic event where a Slave Spartacus rebel against Roman Slavery and fought war. In the First season, the story revolves before the revolt. How the Tracian warrior was taken into slave, then his wife was killed and he became the Champion of Capua. How he found the plot behind the death of his beloved wife Saura, and how he revenged. The whole series had lots of violence, dirty language and sexual scenes with lots of nudity but nothing looked like it was unnatural. Infact, after long time I saw any show where the director showed what was necessary, I mean when a master commands a slave to undress then the slave shows no hesitation, that was truth in old days and that was portrayed as. Even Homo sexuality was not displayed as any thing out of the world. The fight and death scenes contain lots of Gore and Death and those who don't have strong heart should not see it.

But for those who like Gladiator and 300, it is bigger, violent and better than both of these movies and in my opinion it is much more realistic than Gladiator or 300.

Also in this series Lucy Lawless (aka Xena) showed her full body in different scenes. So those who liked Series Xena, they will find delight in this series.

A must watch for those who like Blood.

Now I am watching Spartacus: Gods of Arena (A Prequel to Spartacus: Blood and Sand, as the Lead Actor Andy Whitefield was diagnosed with Cancer hence the season 2 was postponed.)

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