Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HDFC Netsafe Card (A virtual Credit Card)

Two days back I found that HDFC Bank provides a service named as Netsafe card and I immediately registered for it.

The best part of this service is that you don't need to have a Credit card to create a virtual Credit card, you can also create one with your Debit card. I have successfully created a virtual credit card and used it to order free 250 business cards and a free printed pen from Vista Print. The best thing is that these virtual card can not be used more than one time so you don't need to worry, also you can make them preloaded with certain amount so you don't need to worry being charged wrongly.

I like the ease of use for this service very much.

For all those who have a HDFC bank account and want to use this service they can visit the HDFC bank's site (www.hdfcbank.com) and from there choose Netsafe Card from the menu and you can start using this service in just few minutes. There is also a software of HDFC bank which can create your Virtual credit cards in snap.

So for all online shopping I prefer HDFC Netsafe Card.


Shree Janki Institute of Higher Education for Women

Yesterday I joined Shree Janki Institute of Higher Education for Women as faculty, my current subjects are Principles and Practices of Management and Computer Applications.

Lets hope for best.

Shree Janki Institute's Website

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Free 250 Visiting Card

Today I ordered 250 free visiting cards from Vista Print. Though I don't know how good quality they might be but just for delivery charges that is $6.95 (around 320 Rs.), I ordered 250 Visiting Cards, One pen with my father's name printed on it, One Custom Window Sticker, One Sticky Pad with my name printed on it, One Magnet for my Shop's advertisement and One note pad, This all with my Name printed just for this small amount. I immediately ordered and now I am waiting for it to reach me (I opted for slow delivery method).

For those who want to get this offer Click Here

Also when I odered, I recieved a e-mail saying that I can again get the following items for free (Just the delievery Charges) (For India it is slightly higher than what it is for America).

1. 250 Professional Visiting Cards (No Advertisement)
2. 1 Free T-Shirt
3. 1 Note Pad
4. 1 Sticky Pad
5. 25 Magnets
6. 140 Return address Labels
7. 10 Postcards
8. 10 Greeting Cards
9. 1 Calendar
10.1 Rubber Stamp

All these products can be customised according to your need.

SO GET IT Before its too late.

VistaPrint Website

Do share your experience Here....


Saturday, September 20, 2008

A funny Picture

A really Funny Pic.

A very beautiful Picture taken by My Sir Rakesh Chandra.

Today I saw a very beautiful photograph taken by my faculty Mr. Rakesh Chandra on Better Photography Forum. It was really beautiful and it brought me pride that oh yes, he taught me too. Anyway unfortunately I never get chance to learn photography tricks from him but still I learnt a lot of other things from him.

Here is the Picture :

"This flower was shot against the sky at 02:27 pm IST as it helped a lot to bring texture of the flower clearly."

Shot with Canon 400D and 18-55 Kit lens
@ 1/250, f11, ISO 200 at 55mm

Rakesh Chandra

For more details you can visit the Better Photography forum and there you can see some more of his work.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Riya Sen's Hot Pictures

Two hot pictures of Riya Sen, one of the sexiest bollywood beauty.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

300 posts completed

This is my 300th post and this blog is growing at a good rate. Now if visitors can leave their comments then I can identify on what topics I should post more.

Aditya Gupta

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Abridged Scripts

Here is a nice site I occassionaly visit to read some great abridged Scripts : www.the-editing-room.com.

Here is a sample of an abridged script of the movie "The Dark Knight"

A GANG of CLOWNS breaks into a bank. The AUDIENCE impatiently tolerates the scene, despite having already watched it in front of I Am Legend as well as thirty times when it leaked ONLINE.


Robbing this bank was a great idea. Anyone know why they call the guy that planned it ‘The Joker’?


I hear he wears clown makeup to scare people.


What? How does that answer the question at all? I asked why they call him ‘The Joker’, not why they call him ‘The Clown’. Nuts to this, has the real movie started yet?

Read more Here


Batman: The Dark Knight

After much wait yesterday I got chance to watch Batman: The Dark Knight. It was very much hyped and I was waiting to see it since the day it has been released but I was lucky yesterday.

No doubt this was one of the best movie of the Batman series but still there were some drawbacks. First I will discuss the best part of this movie then the negative ones and finally the part which was soo good that it reminded me of Godfather PartII (my all time Fav. Movie).

Best things about this movie :

1. The role of Joker was excellently played by Heath Ledger, unfortunetly he died earlier this year so he was unable to enjoy his success in this movie. I always liked Heath Ledger since I saw his movie A Knight's Tale, his work was always good but I never knew he can show soo much talent in his last movie.

2. The story was tight and there was no scene where anybody can feel it boring or the story is going off track.

3. Actions were great and the sequences where Batman jumps off any building is really the one scene I will watch many time.

4. Michael Caine as always worked superb at Batman's trusted ally Alfred, the Butler.

Over all there are so many good stuff in this movie that it can not be simply described in few points. You have to watch it to believe.

Bad Things in this movie:

1. The role of Batman was never strong through out the movie except in the end. In the whole movie I wanted more batman action then the story but it was less.

2. Batman (Christian Bale) was never shown confident or a good detective in this movie unlike how it is shown in the Comic books.

3. All the time there was confusion blinding Batman which true Batman fan cannot like, becaue Batman is a character which is always clear in his mind. Though he has pressure for his responsibilities but he always take it easily. Only in the end the Batman Character was shown how it should be in the full movie.

4. The Ghotham city was shown completely changed than how it was in Batman Begins, in fact cave was also not shown as it should be.

5. Overall the character of Batman was shown less powerful and confident than the previous movie Batman Begins.

The Best part of the movie :

The best part of the movie was the final scene where Batman was taking responsibility for all the crimes that he didn't done, why???? See the movie and you will not regret. This scene is same beautifully shown as the last scene of The Godfather II part where Michael Corleone was sitting at the park's bench.

Both scene easily touches the heart because in both scenes the Hero is having pain and agony which he cannot show since he should be seen as a tough guy by the world around him.

Even if there are any negative points in this movie then all complaints are washed away with the last scenes of this movie.

But do remember the tone of this movie is Dark as the Frank Miller's Graphic novel "The Dark Knight Returns"

Trust me if you didn't watched this movie then you surely had missed one of the best movie of all time.

My rating for this movie : 10/10

Enjoy !!!!

Pictures of Large Hadron Collider

Some work of Photoshop

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My first Lecture

Yesterday I took my first Guest Lecture on Computers of MBA Ist Semester Students at Janki Institute and for me it was a good experience as I took this lecture without any preperation and it went good.

Now I will have a lecture of those students on Saturday in which I plan to have a session of management games.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

ISBN for my Book

Today I brought ISBN for my book "Babur and Humayun: Modern Learning Organisation" from Lulu, though this ISBN is by Lulu and hence my book will carry exclusive publishing rights by Lulu but still with this ISBN I will be able to sell it through Amazon and other book service provider and it will be available by all distributions.

The ISBN for my book is : 978-0-557-00896-4
Title for my Book : Babur and Humayun: Modern Learning Organisation
Cost of my book : $15.95
Cost for Downloading only : $6.25
Webiste address for purchasing : www.lulu.com/aditya_spn

So if you are interested to know more about Learning Organisation and how to implement it in real life scenario then purchase a copy of my book.


Aditya Gupta

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kareena Kapoor Hottest Pic

Today I found this pic on Internet and I don't know whether it is real or fake. So Judge yourself.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LHC Pictures

Two Pictures of LHC

Large Hadron Collider Started

The Large Hadron Collider is started, as I posted in my earlier post no Doomsday happened, no earth quakes or any sign of "Pralay" will take place today.

The Large Hadron Collider

This is the big news of past two days, many are saying that 10th Sep 2008 will be the Doomsday, but I don't believe. I will post my reasons in this post. First of all let me introduce the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), it is a machine which will try to recreate the Big Bang and then scientist will be able to see what happened in the begining. They can use the answers to bring new revolution in man kind but there are some catches.

First why 10th Sep 2008 will not be the Doomsday :

1. Today the beam will be activated (fired) but they will not collide today, since no collision then no chance of any destruction.
2. The beam will be fired at very low speed, it will catch speed in the later phases of the experiment, so no chance of creation of mini big bang today even if the beams collide.

Now why this experiment will not be useful for man kind :

1. Chances of success is low, that means we will never get the expected result.
2. If the experiment fails then we have to rethink the creation of universe from scratch.
3. If this experiment is successful the the world (Universe) will be destroyed, because if a new universe is created then old one will be destroyed to make place for it.
4. Worst, if the Anti-Matter is unleashed then it may effect the existing Universe in unseen ways.

Now if the universe was created by God then this experiment will bring only destruction (if successful).

Now my view:

I don't mind to be destroyed with whole planet but what only I wish is to know the answers of creation and what existed before the big bang?
Whether there is any God or not?
If not then how this all begin?
If God exists then what was before him/her?
How th whole Universe formed from nothing?
What lies in nothing??????

Many question. If I get answers to all then I will even happily stay in hell for an eternity.

Here is a great picture that illustrates what I mean by destruction if LHC experiment is successful.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

My Books Storefront

I have added my mini storefront on the left bar of this blog so that anybody who is interested in my books can easily purchase right from here.

My book

Today I received my book which I ordered through Lulu. I ordered for 1 copy of my book by www.lulu.com/aditya_spn, on 28th August 2008 and today I got it.

I was surprised and happy receiving it, surprised because I didn't expected it to be delivered so soon and happy because the formatting and quality was too good, in fact the packaging was also very good. I really liked the service of Lulu.com and I will now write some more books and publish it via Lulu only.

Hope those who purchase my book may find the book good enough for their purpose.


Hot Stills from Television Shows

See these stills and think what is happening to Indian Television Shows, are they good enough to be called as family shows or adult shows????

Friday, September 05, 2008

Hate among religions

Today I suddenly decided to check what is happening in religion claims on Internet and I was stunned to see that on most of the sites various persons are claiming that Prophet Mohammad is Kalki Avatar, while others claim that Lord Krishna was Jesus. All of them, both Muslims and Christians, some how claiming that Hindu religion has reference to their holy books.

Some goes beyond this, they taunt very much on each other's religion. The ware between Islam and Christianity has reached to a point of false claims and they are pulling Hindu religion between their fight.

Two sites for reference are :

Answering-Christianity (Open this site only if you have good antivirus installed, because this site contains sample of VB Script Viruses)

Now this cat fight brought two good things in my mind.

1. Both Islam and Christianity believes that Hindu Religion is the oldest because they both are trying to prove their point by showing references in Hindu Religious books.

2. Both are doing false claims that Hindu Religious text contains reference to their Christ or Mohammad. If that would be so then Rig Veda, the oldest and the most respected one, should have a reference. As I believe that only Rig Veda is most authentic and unedited so it is most reliable source for Hinduism.

Now the point I want to highlight is that both Christianity and Islam fights each other but all their followers know that Hindu Religion is oldest so why not try to match references from Hindu text and that is what they are doing.

My advice to them :
Praising your own religion is not bad but in doing so if you are forgetting to respect other person's religion then you are not doing right job. So please respect your religion and also respect other religions too.

Hot Sophie Choudhry Exposing Very much (Semi Nude)

Some very hot picture of Singer and MTV VJ Sophie Choudhry aka Sophia Choudhry(Baby Doll). She is famous by the Remix Song "Mera Babu Chail Chabila" .

Monday, September 01, 2008

Beautiful Picture of Katrina Kaif

Simply one of her best photo.


Unfortunately my home address at Google Map Maker has been rejected by other moderators saying that personal homes can not be included. I didn't knew anything regarding such policy but what can I do???

However the home can be seen through the link given in previous post but it will not be marked on the map.

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