Friday, September 05, 2008

Hate among religions

Today I suddenly decided to check what is happening in religion claims on Internet and I was stunned to see that on most of the sites various persons are claiming that Prophet Mohammad is Kalki Avatar, while others claim that Lord Krishna was Jesus. All of them, both Muslims and Christians, some how claiming that Hindu religion has reference to their holy books.

Some goes beyond this, they taunt very much on each other's religion. The ware between Islam and Christianity has reached to a point of false claims and they are pulling Hindu religion between their fight.

Two sites for reference are :

Answering-Christianity (Open this site only if you have good antivirus installed, because this site contains sample of VB Script Viruses)

Now this cat fight brought two good things in my mind.

1. Both Islam and Christianity believes that Hindu Religion is the oldest because they both are trying to prove their point by showing references in Hindu Religious books.

2. Both are doing false claims that Hindu Religious text contains reference to their Christ or Mohammad. If that would be so then Rig Veda, the oldest and the most respected one, should have a reference. As I believe that only Rig Veda is most authentic and unedited so it is most reliable source for Hinduism.

Now the point I want to highlight is that both Christianity and Islam fights each other but all their followers know that Hindu Religion is oldest so why not try to match references from Hindu text and that is what they are doing.

My advice to them :
Praising your own religion is not bad but in doing so if you are forgetting to respect other person's religion then you are not doing right job. So please respect your religion and also respect other religions too.

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