Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hanuman Paper Craft & Other Paper Toys

A nice site where you can get Paper Toys of Hanumaan, Bali, Gatot Kasha etc.

Pic :

Link for Hanumaan Papercraft :
For Other Papercrafts :



Saturday, February 27, 2010

Realistic Photo Frame

This site has a nice tutorial for creating realistic Photo Frames. They also have download sample :

Website :

Friday, February 26, 2010

Origami Pencil Holder Papercraft

A really nice and useful Papercraft. Its a Pencil Holder. Here is the image :

Website :

Godaddy Coupon Code (20% Off on order above $40)

This coupon code enables you to get a discount of 20% on every order above $40.

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Quake Papercraft Models

A nice site with some papermodels of Quake 3.

Website :

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Liberty Square Paper Model

A nice paper model from Haunted Dimension.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Godaddy Coupon Code (30% Off on Domain Registration)

This coupon code enables you to get a discount of 30% on every Domain Registration of .com Domain Names.

Coupon : gda229pl
Valid for : Registration of .com Domains

Valid till : 7th March 2010

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Free Wallpapers Site

My Friend Prashant Pandey has started a Free Wallpaper Website which has a nice collection of Wallpapers.

Feel free to download and use them. You can also upload your wallpapers.

Popup Card Designer Pro Ver. 3.2

Tamasoft has release Popup Card Designer Pro Ver 3.2, previously the Pop up card designer software (The normal Popup Card Designer) had some restrictions and was not such user friendly. But this Version has introduced a lot of features and functions.

For instance, you can create popup card design by keeping a real photo as reference. You can also create complex Pop-up Cards.

For more functions and features check out the website : Pop-up Card Designer Pro

This software is shareware and you will need to buy license for unlocking the Save As & Export feature but Printing is enabled.

Here is a tip : Print the files to PDF Printer and it works fine.

But if you want to register then its cheap (only $32)

Don't forget to check the samples. It has a very nice sample of Taj Mahal. Its easy to build and impress others.


Free Origami Pop Up Cards

Today I found a very good site which has a nice collection of Origami Pop Up Cards. They are easy to build and look really great.

Here are some samples :

Have Fun...


Salvia Divinorum—the unacknowledged ‘King’ of Herbs

We have all come across herbs like salvia being used as active flavoring agents in various cuisines. While some of them are known to have some health benefits, most of them are appreciated for their culinary contributions. However, not many people realize that there is one herb that is at par with any other contemporary or traditional herb in terms of rendering a distinct aroma and has amazing health benefits too, far greater than any of its herbal counterparts—Salvia divinorum.

For some strange reasons, this herb has been ridiculed by some folks who have categorized it with harmful drugs like marijuana or cocaine. This misconception is largely due to the abusive usage of Salvia plant wherein it is smoked in its raw form. It should be understood that Salvia divinorum is purely a flavoring herb in its proper, extracted form and not an intoxicant. In terms of benefiting the user, Salvia divinorum is regarded to have substantial healing potential.

Understanding Salvia herb health benefits
Laboratory trials have proved beyond doubt that the herb extracts of Salvia plant have pain-relieving properties. Secondly, the herbal extract also helps to control anxiety that plays a huge role in controlling any chronic condition that may be bothering a patient, often causing the disease to take upon more dangerous proportions. Today, medical scientists across the world are trying to inculcate trace amounts of Salvia for treating serious mental conditions like Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.

However, for the average user, Salvia extracts. when used as a cooking ingredient, contribute in easing common healthcare issues like insomnia or mild depression along with helping to overcome stress-induced indigestion. In the Mexican culture, this herb is still widely used for treating health disorders like anemia and rheumatism. While the use of Salvia divinorum as a proper medicinal ingredient is still being researched, its curative properties present no hazard to an individual. Any interpretations of Salvia as a recreational or mind-altering herb are cases of propaganda emanating from wrongful use of this truly, magical herb.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Opera Mini 5 beta is really the best browser for Mobile Phones

Yes, I am saying it because I have tested Internet Explorer Mobile, Opera 4, Skyfire, and few more browsers (not worth mentioning). Among them the two browsers I liked are Opera 4 & Skyfire. But I was looking for some thing better, something which shall help me surfing many websites in tabs, showing the website exactly as it is and giving me desktop type browsing experience.

Finally it is possible, though it is not available for all Mobile Phones and is still in beta but it is really great. I am using it and loving it.

Download From website : Opera 5 beta 10

Some Cool Features :

Tabbed Browsing (You can open a lot of tabs)
Faster than Opera 4 (and Opera 4 was faster than any other mobile browser)
Password Manager
Mobile View/Desktop View
Landscape Mode
Adaptive Zoom
and lots more....

Check out the website for more info and mobile compatibility.

Have Fun

Engima 2010 Cracked & Result

Hi, Many of you asked for Answers to enigma (on my post related to Enigma 2007 , I cracked that one in 2007 and later on I forgot about Enigma, but this year when I started receiving request for solutions then I again tried to crack Enigma 2010.

Link to Enigma Quiz : Enigma 2010

This time it took me a bit long and also one person helped me with answers to 3 levels (Ajeet) but finally I cracked it.

Though I will not share all the answers, but here are some tips in short :

Lvl 1. Answer is the name of the Contest.
Lvl 2. Type the quotations in google
Lvl 3. When do we need to run defrag tool?
Lvl 4. FRIENDS Serial Character's surname.
Lvl 5. Its the second part of the name of the book, but a bit of spelling change.
Lvl 6. Its some thing related to the action of Bush.
Lvl 7. Which tool is executed when there is bug in program.
Lvl 8. What the baby is doing, relate it with search engine.
Lvl 9. It is related to a wall which protects your system from intrusion
Lvl 10. Just put the name of the cartoon character.
Lvl 11. Its related to the act of the person.
Lvl 12. Second name of the pic.
Lvl 13. currying
Lvl 14. Its advertisement of famous IT related company.
Lvl 15. pascal
Lvl 16. a famous sniffer tool
Lvl 17. What does this person does ???
Lvl 18. Where Data is stored
Lvl 19. Its related to opject oriented...
Lvl 20. Its related to fruit name and file sharing.
Lvl 21. LaTeX
Lvl 22. Its music download utility whose symbol is Bear
Lvl 23. Whitespace
Lvl 24. Its an error related to runtime.
Lvl 25. Its abbreviation to the country's name.
Lvl 26. A famous internet search engine.
Lvl 27. semaphore
Lvl 28. foobar
Lvl 29. product that beat roadrunner (bird)
Lvl 30. Its related to certain type of mails we receive.

Still If you can't beat Enigma then leave it because I have give the answer of the most difficult questions and hint for simpler questions.


Friday, February 05, 2010

Free Twitter Tools


I have just started a new website which will have lots of twitter tools for your use.

Currently it has Free Dynamic Twitter Signature Generator and more coming soon.

Here is a sample :

Coming Soon Services at the site : Auto Tweeting, Twitter Background Service, Twitter Buttons, Twitter Logos and lots more..

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