Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Work, Study and No time for fun

Life is going as simple as it can with bit of excitement poured in it
in the form of hard and tricky work.

The faculties of our section are very helpful but the management is
rather uncertain as they never give us enough time to complete the
forms they give us. The example is right here during our 1st Unit
Terms we were asked to bring all the documents and migration
certificate and to submit it on 25th sep., this notice was given to us
on 19th sep and we had 1st U.T. on 22 sep. So everybody has to rush to
their home and respective universities in order to get their migration
certificate. I was a little bit lucky that I got mine in 1 hour time,
due to Zeeshan and Mahendra's Help.

Then today I faced another problem and that is regarding the
affedevit. I have submitted mine at the university and now I don't
know how papa will be arranging it. Well its in the hand of future and
my luck too.

Apart from this everything is smooth. My U.T. s went very good and a
lot of cheating was done in class although I didn't do much of
cheating work as the paper was relatively easy to what I have
prepared. So my paper went all good and rest is in the hand of
faculties. I am hoping that I will get some good marks. Today Taneja
Sir and Denis Sir showed some answer sheets, their numbers were not
very good but I hope better for my case.

My Economics assignment was also fine and I submitted it today to
Basant Sir. I also missed 15 minutes of his lecture today but he
didn't said anything to me although I was unable to ask him for my
attendance but I know that I will ask him later on.

Rest is fine, I also went to Shahjahanpur on last Saturday with
Prashant Kumar Pandey and I came back on Monday evening.

Will post sooner as I get time for net lab.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Lots and lots of work to do

Now the days are getting more hard to pass as with each passing day I
have more work to do than the previous day. Exams, research papers,
seminars and presentations together with forthcoming unit terms.

I am exhausted. Also on 10th and 11th there will be Orientation
program at our college that means we have to attend it and I won't be
going back to home. I talked to mummy today and told her that I am
not coming. At present I am at net to do research for my economics
paper and in the mean time I am posting.

Apart from work everything else is going smoothly, all my faculty are
recognising me due to my active presence as well as I have made
impression on few.

I am happy now for my decision (may be).


PS : This blog was written on 09/09/2005 , but due to some net
problems I was unable to post it on that day. The orientation
programme is over and at present I am at home. I will post with
details later.

Monday, September 05, 2005

More Fun at college

Today I gave my presentation on Computer Generations along with Abhishek Singh, Abhishek Saxena and Adesh Saxena. The presentation was good from our side but it was not upto my satisfaction. I hope I will improve in the next one or may I need a few more presentations.

I have been already the team member for the presentation of Organisational Behaviour. In that I gave answers to the questions asked by our classmates on the topic, and I gave very satisfactory.

Although today I impressed my classmates and Taneja Sir but still I want to outperform my todays performance. Hope I will do that very soon.


Saturday, September 03, 2005


A great site to surf. Not even for the content but for the philosophy
behind it. its increasing very much and it should be visited to get
whatever you want to know like articles and so one.

The link to site is :


Thursday, September 01, 2005

My life at Invertis right now

I came to IIMS on 22nd August. At starting I was frustated with its
rules and regulation. The hostel looked like a Jail to me in begining,
I went back to home on 25th due to illness. When I returned back on
28th I felt a lot different.

Now I am use to live here. Although the restrictions are same, I can't
keep mobile phone, I can't go to Bareilly everytime I wish, I can't go
back to home by leaving few classes. But still I am enjoying.

My life at IIMS is now going streamline. I like the faculty, the
assignments, the projects and overall with most of time I have

One drawback I face here is that I can't even access my mails at
regular intervals, that's why I am even so late for posting. Reason is
slow internet speed. I am unable to open . pathetic.

Well I am enjoying my life even the fact is that I um cutted away from
rest of the world but still the studies are engaging me.

Bye for now

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