Thursday, September 01, 2005

My life at Invertis right now

I came to IIMS on 22nd August. At starting I was frustated with its
rules and regulation. The hostel looked like a Jail to me in begining,
I went back to home on 25th due to illness. When I returned back on
28th I felt a lot different.

Now I am use to live here. Although the restrictions are same, I can't
keep mobile phone, I can't go to Bareilly everytime I wish, I can't go
back to home by leaving few classes. But still I am enjoying.

My life at IIMS is now going streamline. I like the faculty, the
assignments, the projects and overall with most of time I have

One drawback I face here is that I can't even access my mails at
regular intervals, that's why I am even so late for posting. Reason is
slow internet speed. I am unable to open . pathetic.

Well I am enjoying my life even the fact is that I um cutted away from
rest of the world but still the studies are engaging me.

Bye for now

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