Monday, March 21, 2005

Gmail is great!!!!

Gmail is one of the best mail provider ( best in free category). As it provide a lot of services as free like 1 GB inbox, fast interface and pop & smtp services.

Its cool. If any one need an invitation then I have 100 so mail me I will send you an invitation.

BSNL is worst Internet service Provider

I don't know why this is only with BSNL in India. It never gives good speed and also many times it didn't connect at all resulting in wasted calls.

Hope that Govt. will improve its speed and connecting problems. Looking forward for its broadband service in my town.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Windows XP tip : How to change the icon of any folder

To change the icon of any folder just right click on the folder then select properties. In the propertise select Customise.
Then select change icon (which is just above the OK button) and choose an icon.
Now the icon of the folder is changed. If you have dual boot system with windows 98 and XP then this change will only reflect in Windows XP not in Win98.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Windows XP Shell Replacement Programs

Recently I came across a nice shell program for windows XP "Brico's Crystal XP". Which is available at It is cool program which replaces nearly all the files of Windows XP. See the screenshots on the website.
Also I have tried Longhorn Tranformation pack 9.0 (around 15MB) it transform Windows XP into Longhorn type. Although its good but I preferred the Crystal XP Pack.
There are many docks are available too the cool one is mobydock and other one is Yz toolbar.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

My First Mail Blog

Since I am a lazy surfer so I decided to blog via e-mail and now this is the first blog via e-mail.

If it worked fine then I think I can blog regularly.


Back to basics

I previously tried to use a free webhost with ftp support instead of blogspot.
It worked too but later on I went lazy and hence I didn't blogged for a long time. The result my account on free hosting service was terminated. This taught me a lesson. So now I am back to blogspot.

bye for now....

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