Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Sorry for my long absence, I was busy with the new online store and my second craft blog. I will soon be back with posts. Maybe in 2012 :)

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas. and don't forget to checkout at as for all the crafters we have a special coupon code valid for 24 hours only.


Use the above code to get discount and also get free gift with every order :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Online Personal Factory

Do you want to start your own personal factory?
Do you want to fabricate your own designs?

Do you want to create your own prototypes using high quality 3D Printers?

You do not want to invest a lot in getting all the above things.

If answers to all or any of the above question is YES then do not worry. There is an online solution, sad news is that it is cheaper for US but the shipping cost is very high for Indian Customers. But if your product is mission critical or if you compare the cost of purchasing your own 3D printer then it is nothing.

So Here is the website : Ponoko Online Personal Factory

Its easy and you can create great stuffs there. Even you can create your Metal Visiting Cards with die cut design.

So what are you waiting for head over to and enjoy.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Online Store

 Hi friends,

Past whole month was very busy time for me, first of all on 25th August 2011 I was blessed with a baby girl. So the whole week went off to care for the mother and daughter as well as my son.

Now I am working on setting up my online books and craft supply store. It is still not complete but most parts are finished, now the inventory is needed which I am creating slowly.

If you wish to have a look at my online store then you can access it from : Imaginations Online Book and Craft Store

I have decided the name Imaginations, I hope it sounds good.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A big week ahead

Sorry friends for not being able to post for past few days. I was busy in something really important in my life. I will update regarding it very soon. However I was able to get some time to do my craft work which I updated on my Craft Blog : Craft Zone.

Now the next few days are most important and I hope everything goes well.

Will post soon.

Have a nice time


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Free Post 2 Host VPS

Another cool site to get Free VPS. But this time it is Post 2 Host. The VPS are limited and are given to users having highest score (they have a score calculator), you will also need to have a minimum of 30 post and also need to keep 20 post per month to keep using the VPS.

The site is :

You can see all the requirements at : FAQs of

Monday, August 08, 2011

Free VPS

Yes a Free VPS. There is a very good offer at ChunkHost in which they are offering a free VPS (Spec. 512 MB RAM, 20 GB Space and 600 GB Bandwidth) for Free as Free Beta Testing. I am not sure how long this beta test will last as it is open for US Resident only.

So if you are US Resident then you can get a free VPS. Just head over to Chunkhost and enjoy the free VPS.

ATM Service by banks in small cities

RBI has given guidelines on ATM Service charges if you use other bank's ATM for your Debit Card. Here is the guideline:

Effective 1st July, 2011 RBI has mandated the following changes to:


SAVING ACCOUNT - The permitted 5 free transactions per month at other Bank ATMs will include Financial as well as Non-Financial transactions.

Charges for transactions over the free ones:

Rs. 20.00/- (including taxes) per Financial transaction – i.e. Cash Withdrawals

Rs. 8.50/- (excluding taxes) per Non-Financial transaction – i.e. Balance Inquiry, Pin Change & Mini Statement.

And all the transactions on your bank's ATM Machine will be free of cost.

But here is one question which RBI has not directed i.e. If a Bank's ATM is not working then what customer will do? OK, customer can go to other bank's ATM. But in small cities the ATMs of Banks remain down for more than 8-10 days every month. In such case, 5 free transaction with other bank ATM is not very less?

If a bank is charging Rs. 110 per Debit card as annual maintenance charge and is not able to maintain around 90% of ATM uptime then shouldn't they pay any penalty? If a customer is not able to maintain their QAB due to any reason than the Banks immediately charge Rs. 750 plus taxes every quarter but if they are not able to operate ATM Machines smoothly then they don't face any charges. When RBI will make Banking easy for customers?

The truth of my city, Shahjahanpur, is that many Bank ATMs remain out of service continuously for more than couple of days. How anyone is supposed to withdraw money if they want it urgently? Also there are times during festivals that ATM Machines don't have cash to dispense.

There should be some monitoring by RBI or some guidelines on responsibility of Banks in operation of ATM Machine as well.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Happy Friendship Day

Wish you all a very very Happy Friendship Day....

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Indirank Update

Another small Indirank update for this blog. Now this blog has moved to 74 Rank Points. It has gained 6 points since last update.

Now I wish to move it to 100. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Godmode in Windows 7

Windows 7 is a little cool feature hidden. Its called as GodMode, this feature helps you in configuring all the setting related to Windows Customization in one place and hence its very useful. To activate it do the following:

1. Create a New Folder
2. Rename the Folder : GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
3. Then its icon will change

Now your GodMode icon is ready, you can double click on it to access the settings.

Have Fun

Monday, July 18, 2011

Social Memories: Create your own Facebook Book

Social Memories is a nice application on facebook which creates a book related to your facebook profile, photos and lots more information. It can provide you hard copy book or a Flash version of the book also.

Here are some screen shots:

Creation of Book

Some Images of my book

Friday, July 15, 2011

Some 3D Wallpapers Part 2

Some more 3D Wallpapers

You can download a pdf file through which Create your Own 3D Glass

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3D Cars Wallpapers

Some wallpapers of Cars in 3D

You can download a pdf file through which Create your Own 3D Glass

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Some Nature Pics

I have taken these pics using my Sony Digital Camera. I hope you all will like them.

Since Blogger can't upload high res pics so I can offer High Resolution pics to anyone who wants them. Just mail me or leave a comment with your email id.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Some 3D Wallpapers Part 1

Here are some 3D Wallpaper:

You can download a pdf file through which Create your Own 3D Glass

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie - The Adjustment Bureau

Yesterday I watched one of the cool movie of 2001, The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. This is one of the cool movie because of its story which is different from others. You can say that the story might raise questions about Free Will but overall it showed the concept of Options and choices.

The story is kind of straight forward, a person loves a girl and he is willing to sacrifice everything for her but a secret bureau "The Adjustment Bureau" is not allowing him to be with the girl. Reason? The Bureau's Chairman has decided a plan for the person in which the girl doesn't fit. So the bureau does everything to stop them. Now it seems easy story isn't it? But the key point here is that the Bureau person's have special powers and infact they are Angels while the Chairman is supposed to be the God. In one scene when Matt Damon asked Anthony Mackie that whether he is chairman then he replied that Chairman is known by many names and you might have met him/her as he/she meets people in disguise.

This movie is a kind of extension of my thought that there are methods by which we can let everyone think that they have been offered choices but we control what they will choose. This is the same with God, he gives us choices but if he wants then he control which choice we make. Then where is the "Free Will".

Do watch this movie if you want to see something new, fast and action paced. Though if you want movies for smashing fight scenes then there are not those kind of scenes in this movie but still its really fast paced movie.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Indirank Update

Today I received email from IndiRank about the new update where I received 68 for this blog. The Higher the better. Since this is my first update on Indirank so I am happy to get this rank.

My next target is to make it higher than 75 in next update. I hope I will get it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Civil Services (P) Exam 2011

Yesterday I was in Bareilly giving Civil Services (P) Examination and that was one of the reasons why I was not actively posting for past some time. This time the pattern of examination has changed, now instead of Subject Paper a paper of reasoning and Data Analysis has introduced. So I needed to give only exam of General Studies and Reasoning (Data Analysis). My General Studies paper didn't went very good but my Reasoning and Data Analysis paper went exceptionally great. And now I am waiting for the result. I am still in doubt of qualifying the exam but due to my Reasoning paper I do have some chance. Now lets see if I am good enough to qualify atleast the Civil Services (Pre).

Friday, June 03, 2011

In News Paper

Today I was featured in a news paper. Here is a scanned image of the paper:

Amar Ujala Bareilly Edition Page No. 7 Dated 03 June 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deep web Searching for Files on Rapidhare or similar sites

There are times when you might like to get any file from internet but you don't know from where to get it. When you search on google then you get a lot of results but many of them don't work properly, with properly I mean they have information on the file but no download link, and even there is download link then those links are old or deleted.

Even in Forums you find lots of download links on files hosted at Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile or similar files sharing site but due to inactivity many of these files are deleted. So how to search for those files which are not deleted? Surely you don't want to waste time and bandwidth on searching files which when you try to download is deleted by the Downloading Site?

Here is a solution. In fact it is a website which does deep searching on Internet with the search string you provided for files hosted on Rapidshare, Megaupload, hotfile or similar hosting sites. It also provide you the link where these files were posted.

I was able to locate Windows Mobile Device Center with this website.

So here is the Link : Filecrop


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Windows Mobile Device Center Download

If you have Windows mobile and you want to use it with Windows 7 then you will need Windows Mobile Device Center and downloading it from Microsoft can be painful experience. As not everyone likes to run the Windows Validator Tool, Its not related to piracy only but also why anyone has to run validator for free software? and many have found that even after running validator they are unable to download the Windows Device Center. Even I was unable to download the Windows Device Center as the validator was not working properly on my system (I had laptop with Windows 7 OEM). So I searched the web for Windows Mobile Device Center and finally got success. Someone has uploaded the file for everyone to download. So I am sharing the link with you.

Site Link where this file is available : Tci

Download Windows Mobile Device Center 32 Bit

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guest Blog Posts

Recently I have found new blogs on craft and am amazed to see that so many Indians are also doing craft work and they are really nice to share their methods and techniques. I have been given chance to write for two blogs and here are links for my guest post over these blogs:

1. At Kalalayaa Artt Club

2. At Craft Supply Shopping Guide

Both blogs contain much more informative posts (more than mine) and do not forget to bookmark those blogs if you are craft lover.

Also for more information on Indian Craft scenario do visit my blog The Craft Zone


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update Manager for Joomla

Updating a Joomla Installation can be a nightmare, but there is a very small component which makes the update process so simple that any novice user can also update his Joomla Installation.

All you will need to do the following steps to update Joomla:

* Download Update Manager for Joomla from Here : Update Manager
* Install it on your Joomla usings Extensions->Install/Uninstall
* Run the Update Manager from Components->Update Manager
* Follow the onscreen instructions.
* Update of your Joomla Installation will complete within few seconds.

So enjoy updating your Joomla and stay ahead.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Beware of (aka Speakasia)

I know that this title can raise many eyebrows, but I am sure that in a year or two people will thank me for this post.

I generally do not speak much about MLM as ultimately they all run away with people's money and by now everyone should have learned this, but in recent days I saw a rising trend of people speaking about

Here are some points which I wanted to tell you then you can yourself verify whether Speak Asia is good for you or not?

1. is a Singapore company but it need to host its mail on rediffmail? Everyone knows that Rediff Mail is an Indian Company with global presence but the majority of Rediffmail pro users are Indians and if anyone from Singapore needs outsourced email then they can easily select gmail but not rediffmail pro.

Here is the DNS Record for :

Record Type TTL Priority Content A 30 minutes () MX 1 hour 10 NS 1 hour NS 1 hour SOA 1 hour 2011033100 28800 7200 604800 86400 TXT 1 hour v=spf1 ~all SOA 1 day 2011033100 28800 7200 604800 86400 A 1 hour () CNAME 1 hour

2. It is very strange that a Singapore based company is giving its payout FAQ only for Indian Bank?
Check out The FAQ section under Rewards, you will find this line:

Q3) How do I redeem my reward points from the company?

A:The reward points can be redeemed for buying products , services and subscriptions . Un utilized reward points can also to transferred from your e wallet upon request to your bank account at the end of 30 days from the date of filling up the survey. Within 7-14 working days (depending upon the local bank in India) the amount gets credited to your bank account. Amounts are credited in your local currency by the bank. A bank transfer charge at the rate of 3% is applied subject to a minimum of USD7.5 .

3. Traffic source

Being a Singapore based company focusing all world, it is very strange that 80% of the traffic for the site is from India and the remaining 20% is from Bangladesh.

4. Enough of the above jargons as most people will not understand and those who understand above matter will not easily fall into prey of these sites. So here is one example which can raise the doubt:
According to one person who tried his best to convince me for Speak Asia, that they pay Rs. 1000 per survey. Which company on earth could pay such a large amount for one Survey? lets be genuine even if the amount is $1 USD i.e. Rs. 50 per survey then also its too much. I mean in present time you can get thousands of accurate survey done in much lesser amount.

That guy told me that a company pays Rs. 30 lac for advertisement then instead of that advertisement they can reach to clients much faster than survey. Then here is the answer I gave, when a company pays Rs. 30 lac for an advertisement then they reach a very large audience. For instance an Ad in World cup final would be viewed by atleast 50 million people. But if this amount is divided by 1000 then the target audience would be only 3000. So why would a company leave 30 million viewers to achieve only 3000 for the same amount? Will you do it?

4. Rs. 11000 for subscription to their website only. There is no commitment from them, i.e. any legal bounding for providing you any survey. So you can't do any case against them. Even if you do then whom you will file case against?

5. How long speak asia will stay?

Thats a question which is even uncertain for the owners of the Speakasiaonline. The simple answer is they will stay online as long as their income is more than their debts. That is as long as the number of new registrations on their site is giving them more money than what they need to pay to their existing users. The day when the income is equal or less than the debt, they slowly will disabling accounts and then reducing the number of surveys, then claiming surveys as fraud. This way they can squeeze maximum profit and sooner they will close down their site.

So as long as the site is online then you can make money but there is no certainty how long they will remain active. So take risk if you want.

And for those who want to comment that this site is reliable, they are making money, they can show proof I would like to say only this thing :

I don't care how much money you are making or you have purchased a brand new Honda Civic with the earnings. I don't want to join this or any kind of MLM. I am happy for your profits but I prefer the hard way of doing business rather than such fast methods of earning money.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Good Progress in My Kid's Scrapbook Album

For past few months I was making my kid's scrapbook album. I first tried to make it traditional way i.e. using pattern paper then cutting and pasting every element manually, but then I found it difficult to make an album where I can add more pages later. So I purchased a Photo Album (12x12 size) then I added all the scrapbook pages in it.

But then also there was a problem as making every scrapbook page manually took a lot of time and it also didn't stick very fine in the photo album. So to overcome this I decided to create Digital Scrapbook Pages and the print them and fix in my album. For this purpose I used scrapbook files.

Now the album looks really beautiful. I am uploading the Digital Pages in low resolution on my Craftzone Blog. You can check them at : My Digital Scrapbook Pages



Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My new purchase from GEB (Global Ebay)

Today I received my new lot of items I purchased on 23rd March 2011. They are a lot of Clear Acrylic Stamps and Tim Holtz Distress Ink Set of 5. They are really great and worth the money spent. I am still not very good with stamping and now I am trying to work with some projects which involve stamps thus improve my stamping.

However now I have learned the Distress technique. My future projects will have these stamps also :). Stay tuned to my Craft Blog : The Craft Zone

Here is the pic of my latest purchased stamps:

If anyone is looking for any stamp set from these then do let me know. I can sell a set or two.

All these stamps are of Scrappy Cat.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Working on a Craft Blog and Craft Site

Now I am working on a Craft Blog and a Craft Site, I have set up the design and added some content and also working on to increase the content. Since there I will be updating my Craft Work and other information related to Paper Craft so there is a lot of work to do. Right now I am trying to create atleast one Greeting Card per 2-3 days so that I can update those on my new blog. I am also working on a Kirigami White House, which might complete in this April.

Other than that I will be adding some more content in my website ( also.

My other plans for the blog are : To start a contest and to start a blog candy (Both for my Craft Blog)

So those who love making Cards and Crafts should stay tuned as I will introduce a contest and a Blog Candy in April 2011.

Here are links for My "The Craft Zone"

The Craft Zone Site (Contains Gallery, Resources, Information and a Shop)

The Craft Zone Blog (Contain Articles and Tutorials)

The Craft Zone on Facebook (A Facebook Page which will have some exclusive information other than Blog and Site)

So stay tuned to get latest info on Art and Craft :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chandragupt Maurya on Imaging TV

Now a days TV channels are broadcasting Series on Historical Figures but they mix so much fiction in the facts that the Series no longer stays Historical but it becomes a work of fiction so I hate to watch the current Historical TV Series. Today I was watching some random channel and saw an episode of Chandragupt Maurya, to my horror, the real facts were completely missing in the show and lot of fictional work was included and that too copied from different shows.

In the episode I saw (I watched it for only 10 minutes and couldn't bear it) that the Magadh Emperor Dhanand has organised an open arena, the design of the arena is 80% copy of the Ludos of Batiatus in Spartacus TV Series and the color tone, Audience and the situation shown on the Chandragupt Maurya show was ditto copy of the Spartacus Gladiator scenes.

Now the facts: Indians have Wrestling (called as Kusti) and that too was always friendly, but the scenes shown the Chandragupt Maurya showed what we call fight to death and that too Gladiator style. Also during the reign of Dhanand on Magadh there are no proof at all for such activities. Even in later period also there is no such events. Also in one scene it is shown that King Dhanand has ordered an Archer to kill Kid Chandragupt Maurya, while in realty Dhanand never knew about Chandragupta in the early years.

So if such wrong facts are being showed on TV Channels then how can our younger generation would know real facts. Previously I saw Jhansi Ki Rani which also showed a lot of wrong situations and displayed then as true facts which they are wrong.

I still remember the old days when Serials were informative and they carry real facts rather than fictional creations of writer to get higher TRP.

I loved the old TV Series which were aired on Doordarshan like Chanakya, Tipu Sultan, Mahabharat, Betal Pachchisi, Vikram aur Betal etc. they carried so much of information which enhances knowledge but current TV Serials fill garbage in minds of viewers.

I hope that Censor Board may also impose some regulations regarding providing wrong information on programs which are showing Historical peoples.

What you all think???

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Its Long Time !!!!


For long time I have not posted much on this blog, it was due to a lot of things happening in my life and the most important thing that I wanted to enjoy some time with my Son. He is really a great enjoyment for me.

Also In past few months I have decided to leave all the other works and devote my time to my Business and Craft (Of course Family gets the first priority). I am finishing off my old work and slowly denying new task which other expect me to do for them. It was good helping others but now everyone is getting habit of relying on me without considering my time and comfort. Even in past months I faced some people expecting me do their work and that too by going to their home. Funny... I don't get it, why people expect others to help them at their personal comfort. When anyone is not taking any money from you then atleast look that his work or his time is not being spoiled.

So, long story short, due to these annoying people all those whom I help are on loss. Now I am avoiding everyone who calls me to come to their place to help them. What I am, a Saint? No. I have my own responsibilities and also own life. I will continue to help those who come to me. But who expect me to go to them.... Keep Waiting for life.

Other than that I am planning to start a blog on craft. As these days my total attention is towards Crafting like Paper Craft, Greeting Cards and all kind of Art. I am procuring stuffs which might be helpful in making cool greeting cards. Now I am creating a site, a blog and a facebook page which I will regularly update and give a lot of Prizes and tutorials.

I will post update on The Craft Zone (Thats the name I decided to my craft area) very soon.

Also my posting on this blog may be a little bit low but sooner I will be adding quality content.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Great Craft Blog

Today I stumbled upon a really nice craft blog, its very rare to find any Indian doing craft at large scale especially in North India but I am really impressed with content of this blog and I must recommend anyone who is craft lover to visit this blog.

You will get a lots of Great Ideas.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Spartacus : Blood and Sand

Some days back I got chance to watch Spartacus : Blood and Sand Series, previously I never watched any TV Series completely, I had only watched some episodes of Mortal Kombat : Conquest. I never liked TV Series much due to their lengths but since Spartacus : Blood and Sand was of only 13 Episode so I decided to give it a go.

To my surprise it was better than any movie, the scale of the Show, the story, the acting, direction, cinematography I mean everything was superb. I couldn't resist to watch all 13 episodes and I watched them in 4 nights (i.e. around 4 hours daily).

The story of Spartacus was beautifully presented with lots of twist and plots. I must say that it was long time since I watched anything such wonderful.

The plot was based on historic event where a Slave Spartacus rebel against Roman Slavery and fought war. In the First season, the story revolves before the revolt. How the Tracian warrior was taken into slave, then his wife was killed and he became the Champion of Capua. How he found the plot behind the death of his beloved wife Saura, and how he revenged. The whole series had lots of violence, dirty language and sexual scenes with lots of nudity but nothing looked like it was unnatural. Infact, after long time I saw any show where the director showed what was necessary, I mean when a master commands a slave to undress then the slave shows no hesitation, that was truth in old days and that was portrayed as. Even Homo sexuality was not displayed as any thing out of the world. The fight and death scenes contain lots of Gore and Death and those who don't have strong heart should not see it.

But for those who like Gladiator and 300, it is bigger, violent and better than both of these movies and in my opinion it is much more realistic than Gladiator or 300.

Also in this series Lucy Lawless (aka Xena) showed her full body in different scenes. So those who liked Series Xena, they will find delight in this series.

A must watch for those who like Blood.

Now I am watching Spartacus: Gods of Arena (A Prequel to Spartacus: Blood and Sand, as the Lead Actor Andy Whitefield was diagnosed with Cancer hence the season 2 was postponed.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Indrajal Comics 008 - The Playmate

Two stories in this comic : Playmate, Phantom's Good Mark

Language : English
File Size : 6.13 MB
File Format : CBR Format

Download Links :

Hotfile Download Link
Duckload Download Link

Friday, February 11, 2011

Indrajal Comics 007 - The Man Eating Plant

Phantom finds a Man Eating Plant and he jumps into it. What will happen?

Language : English
File Size : 3.99 MB
File Format : CBR Format

Download Links :

Hotfile Download Link
Duckload Download Link

Some new changes at

Recently I introduced some new changes in and also some valentine themes stuff.

So head over to to find out...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Beautiful Day in my life

Today is my third Marriage Anniversary and its a very beautiful day in my life. After all due to my marriage only I am blessed with a beautiful and loving wife and a sweet kid.

Thanks God.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Indrajal Comics 006 - The Lunar Cult

Phantom faces a new challenge, a Cult of Assassins. Can he save the princess?

Language : English
File Size : 5.39 MB
File Format : CBR Format

Download Links :

Hotfile Download Link
Duckload Download Link

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Indrajal Comics 005 - Isle of Eden

Phantom's Isle of Eden and the story of a Boy who has a pet lion.

Language : English
File Size : 5.18 MB
File Format : CBR Format

Download Links :

Hotfile Download Link
Duckload Download Link

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Indrajal Comics 004 - The Imposter

A Criminal gets the dress of Phantom and creates Havoc in Jungle, even disgraces the reputation of Phantom. Can Phantom prove that he is real?

Language : English
File Size : 3.70 MB
File Format : CBR Format

Download Links :

Hotfile Download Link
Duckload Download Link

Free Valentine Day Gift Labels

Valentine Day Gift Label

Get Free Printable PDF File and Silhouette SD/Craft Robo cutting file from

Monday, January 24, 2011

Indrajal Comics 003 - The Challenge of Cannibals

Phantom faces Cannibals who do not follow his Jungle Rules

Language : English
File Size : 3.25 MB
File Format : CBR Format

Download Links :

Hotfile Download Link
Duckload Download Link

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Indrajal Comics 002 - Prince Orq

Phantom meets a strange Foe

Language : English
File Size : 1.41 MB
File Format : CBR Format

Download Links :

Hotfile Download Link
Duckload Download Link

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Indrajal Comics 001 - The Phantom's Belt

There is a Singh Pirate who claims that he killed Phantom and he own the Phantom Belt. Can out Phantom save his honor and avenge his father's death?

This was the First Phantom Issue by Indrajal Comics

Language : English
File Size : 3.09 MB
File Format : CBR Format

Download Links :

Hotfile Download Link

Duckload Download Link

Friday, January 21, 2011

PDFZilla for Free till 5th Feb 2011

Have you ever wanted to convert PDF File to Word, Image or any other format?

You might try PDF Zilla, its license cost is $29.95 but wait you can get it for Free from them. Yes!! PDF Zilla is offering Free License Giveaway to every one till 5th Feb 2011.

Just download it and use the serial no given on their site.

What PDF Zilla Can do :

Convert PDF to Word
Convert PDF to Word with all text and Graphical data.
Convert PDF to RTF
Convert PDF to Rich Text Files. You can edit all text and graphic by Windows Wordpad.
Convert PDF to TXT
Convert PDF to plain text files. You can edit text by Notepad.
Convert PDF to Images
Convert PDF to BMP, JPG, GIF or TIF files.
Convert PDF to HTML
Convert PDF to HTML files and automatically generate the Index file.
Convert PDF to SWF
Convert PDF to Shockwave Flash Animation files which can be published on websites.
Page Selection
Convert all the pages, or partial pages of PDF file.
Easy to use software
Add a PDF File -> Select the Output File Format -> Click on Start Converting button, then just have a cup of coffee :)

PDFZilla is a great software which will help you do all the conversion you need for PDF File to any format.

I am using it and I love it. I know that you will surely love it. It can be used for many purposes like :

1. You might want to edit some image in PDF file and you don't own Photoshop or any other costly graphic editing program which allow you to edit PDF File directly.

2. You might need the content of any PDF File to use for your document.

and many more uses...


The Phantom

Phantom is a comic strip created by Lee Falk, it is supposed to be first costumed Superhero wearing a mask way before Batman and any other Costumed Super Heros of modern time.

The series began with a daily newspaper strip on February 17, 1936, followed by a color Sunday strip on May 28, 1939.

Lee Falk continued work on The Phantom until his death in 1999. As of 2010, the comic strip is produced by writer Tony DePaul and artist Paul Ryan. Previous artists on the newspaper strip include Ray Moore, Wilson McCoy, Bill Lignante, Sy Barry, George Olesen, Keith Williams, Fred Fredericks, and Graham Nolan.

The Story of Phantom

The story of the Phantom started with a young sailor named Christopher Walker. Christopher was born in 1516 in Portsmouth. His father, also named Christopher Walker, had been a seaman since he was a young boy, and was the cabin boy on Christopher Columbus's ship Santa MarĂ­a when he sailed to the Americas. Christopher Jr. became a shipboy on his father's ship in 1526, of which Christopher Sr. was Captain.

In 1536, when Christopher was 20 years old, he was a part of what was supposed to be his father's last voyage. On February 17, the ship was attacked by pirates of the Singh Brotherhood in a bay on the coast of Bengalla. The last thing Christopher saw before he fell unconscious and into the sea was his father being murdered by the leader of the pirates. Both ships exploded, making Christopher the sole survivor of the attack. Christopher was washed ashore on a Bengalla beach, seemingly half dead. He was found by pygmies of the Bandar tribe, who nursed him and took care of him.

Some time later, Christopher took a walk on the same beach, and found a dead body there, whom he recognized as the pirate who killed his father. He allowed the vultures flying around the body to eat its meat, took up the skull of the killer, raised it above his head, and swore an oath:

"I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice, in all their forms! My sons and their sons shall follow me."

After learning the language of the Bandar tribe, Christopher learned that the majority of their people were slaves of the Wasaka, a tribe consisting of what the Bandars called "giants". Immediately, Christopher walked into the village of the Wasaka, and asked them to set the Bandars free. He was taken prisoner and laid before the Demon God of the Wasaka, Uzuki, who was supposed to decide his destiny. Christopher was tied up and laid on an altar made of stone, where vultures surrounded him. Christopher was quickly saved by a group of Bandar before the vultures or the Wasaka could do him any real harm. They managed to escape from the village of the Wasaka unharmed.

Christopher later learned of a Bandar prophecy that featured a man coming from the ocean to save them from their slavery. He made a costume inspired by the look of the Demon God of the Wasaka and went to the Wasaka village again, this time with a small army of Bandar armed with their newly-discovered poisoned arrows, which were capable of killing a man in a few seconds. The Wasaka, shocked at seeing what many of them thought was their Demon God come alive, were fought down, and the Bandars were finally set free after centuries in slavery. This resulted in a dedicated friendship between Christopher and the Bandars, which would be continued in the generations to come after them.

The Bandars showed Christopher to a cave, which resembled a human skull in appearance. Christopher later carved the features out to enhance this. This Skull Cave became his home.

Wearing the costume based on the Demon God, Christopher became the first of what would later be known as the Phantom. When he died, his son took over for him; when the second Phantom died, his son took over. So it would go on through the centuries, causing people to believe that the Phantom was immortal. These people gave him nicknames including "The Ghost Who Walks" and "The Man Who Cannot Die".

In India

In India, Indrajal Comics published Phantom in 60s, 70s and 80s, later on the publishing house was closed down. Now Indrajal Comics of Phantom are very rare to find. Luckily I have got around 100s of Indrajal Comics (Thanks to my father who had a very good collection of Comics and Magazines).

Since now Indrajal Comics are no longer in business and its too much of time since they published the magazine, so I will be sharing some of them here on this blog. As far as I know they are no longer copyright but if they still are then anyone can tell me and I will remove them.

Till then those who still want to see the old days can get them here.

Soon I will post the first comics : The Phantom's Belt

So check back soon.

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In the new Page Rank update two of my sites & has got PR1, while this blog retained its position of PR1.

I haven't done any work to improve the Page Rank of these sites hence the Page Rank which they got is their own, not due to any SEO work.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Create your own Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar

Kingfisher has provided a facility on their website where you can do your photoshoot with their model using their online flash interface.

In this you will be given a virtual Camera and a movie clip of around 3 minute playing, you can click photos which you can use for creating your own calendar. Its very easy and you can download the calendar as Wallpapers for your Computer.

Here is one picture which I created using this Service:

So what are you waiting for just visit the Kingfisher Calendar site and create your own Swimsuit Calendar.

Website : Kingfisher World Photoshoot

Tip: Try to click as many picture as you can as you have 99 photos but less time.

Friday, January 07, 2011 - Get paid for your file downloads

There are lots of sites which pay per download and among them one is, its a pretty new site but it has one major advantage which many other sites don't have i.e. they count all the countries.

You can get as much as $25 per thousand downloads of your file.

They have a nice user area and stats display and they pay weekly through paypal.

I have joined recently and I will update how it is going.

Till then for those who want to join here is the link :

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