Monday, June 30, 2008

I got a good news.

Today in evening when I reached home I got a good news which i was waiting to hear since past one month. I will not disclose the news here as It is still unconfirmed, I have to wait for 3 more month to confirm it.

I just wanted to note down the day and whats best then having it on my blog.

In three months I will share the news with everyone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A great tool

This is a great freeware utility. It will highlight only the applicatin you are using, dimming other ones. So overall it means less stress over eyes, improved concentration.

I would definetly recomend it.

Download : Shock Searchlight



3D Desktop on Windows XP

These two freeware utilities will bring 3D Desktop on your Windows XP.

Must download. (very small size)

1. Shock Desktop 3D
2. Shock Desktop V1.53



3D Switching Effect of Aero on Windows XP

Shock Aero 3D is a freeware program which will bring the 3D Switching effect of Aero for Windows XP.

Those who have Windows XP and wanted this feature should consider downloading this small program and they can enjoy the nice feature of Windows Vista on their XP system.

The link is : Shock Aero 3D



Make your XP 3D with Shock 4Way 3D Desktop

Today I stumbled a new website. It contains some freeware tools for changing the desktop of Windows XP into 3D environment and all at using very low system resources.

The Utility name is Shock 4Way 3D and it is available at Shock Utility Website

Enjoy the software.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Left Kotak

I left Kotak due to certain management problems.

Now I am finding that my decision is correct.

Share Trading at ICICI

I have started Share Trading at my Shop through ICICI I was already doing share trading through it but now I have started it for others also. Hope I will earn good profits.

Infact I have made a profit of Rs. 13000 today even though the market fell.

So hope for best.



Day before yesterday I watched "Awarapan" of Imran Hashmi. Te story was good but Imran was not fit for the role. However his work was good enough to give this movie a chance.

Story Outline : Shivam (Imran) has been asked by his boss to look after her girlfriend because his boss was suspicious of her. Shivam found out that the girl was betraying his boss. However when his boss asked Shivam to kill the girl, Shivam couldn't because he was also in love with one girl who taught him to help others.

Shivam decides to free up the girl and it might take his life in doing so.

Watch for the end.



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