Friday, May 29, 2009 is launched for beta testing. It will provide Hosting Accounts and Reseller accounts at very cheap prices.

Have a look at it and the best part is you can order for a custom Package also.

For Visitors of My blog, I am offering a scheme.

Order for a plan and get everything double. When you order the plan and your plan is activated, then simply put in forum for the request to double up the plan features and do give reference to this post.

You will get double the package within 24 Hours.

Have Fun

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Paper Castle Finally completed.

Finally My paper Castle has been completed. It took me 2 hours daily for past 1 month to complete it. As far as resources are concern,Castle Works Ultimate Files from , 1 Paper Cutter, around 150 sheets of Cardstock Paper, One Fevicol Glue Bottle, Scissor, Scale, Pen and paper clips.

Here are some pics, though I am still waiting for the Box where I will put it in so I havn't fixed it completely yet. The box will be delivered to me on sunday.

Right now enjoy with the pics :

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My new Reseller Account

Today I got my reseller Account from DSDhost, The only limit is that I can provide only free hosting accounts and thats great because using this I can help some of my friends in getting a free hosting account supporting CPanel.

So if you are interested in a CPanel osting along with 500 MB Webspace and 2GB Bandwidth, Ad free webhosting account then you can contact me.

Other wise you can also get a 1 GB Web Space along with 5 GB Bandwidth by posting on the forum at Dsdhost.

If you need any customised web Hosting solution then you can contact me.

Have Fun

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Castle about to Finish.

After 1 month (2 Hours daily), my castle is about to finish and I will post its pictures today or tomorrow.

Free PHP Scripts

A Site which have a good collection of PHP Scripts.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Craft Castle

I am currently working on a Castle made of Paper, half of the castle is complete and here are some pics of it.

Castle Pic 1

Castle Pic 2

Castle Pic 3

Main Door of the Castle (Still not complete)

Inside of one House of the Castle (It has complete Interior also)

One more pic from the Craft Town I previously made. Here it is (The files are from Canon Craft Town Downloads)

Note: The Castle is made using the Files Castle Works Ultimate of

Happy Hobby Working......

Friday, May 01, 2009

A very beautiful Picture shot by my Teacher

Here is a very beautiful picture shot by my Teacher Mr. Rakesh Chandra (soon to be Dr. Rakesh Chandra, as his Ph.D. in Law is under process). I was amazed by this picture and more amazed when I found that this picture was taken in India. Never thought that anyone can take such beautiful pictures without using photoshop work.

To tell you about my Sir, he is really a great person. LL.M. and now Sub-Registrar in Badayun, He is an All Rounder personality, and I was very lucky to get opportunity to study from him. As he came to Invertis for teaching only for 2 years. Rest time he spent in Khandelwal College of Management.

Right now under his training period as P.C.S. Officer, he is also enjoying his favourite hobby i.e. Photography.

And of course I have taken his permission before putting this picture here because He is a law genius and his LL.D. title is also on "Software Piracy and Indian Legal System", So better take permission to put his pictures here. And I am happy that he gave me permission to put his pictures here.

More of his work can be seen on his flicker album which he regularly updates : Rakesh Chandra's Album

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