Saturday, January 28, 2006

ETV Uttar Pradesh's Visit to our Campus

Today ETV Uttar Pradesh's team came to our campus and we all enjoyed
their visit. I myself participated in the 1 Minute game however, I
lost. Apart from this we saw some great performances from our friends
in Dance and Singing.

Further today I bunked 6 lectures. Now I am at net to get some good
topic to provide help to my friends on the assignment by Deepak Sharma
Sir. Hope I will get them.

Bye for now....


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How to boot Windows XP from Pen Drive

I today found a great article which shows how to make a Windows XP bootable Thumb Drive. It gives a step by step approach and can be easily followed by any novice user.The direct link to the article is :
Boot from Thumb Drive



Friday, January 20, 2006

Back in IIMS

I came back to bareilly day before yesterday. However, I spemded the
whole day with Zeeshan, Rohit and Shashank. I came back to college
yesterday morning. Here I came to know that there was an opposing to
the dumping ground project on wednesday and I felt good that I didn't
came to college on that day.

All apart the days here are getting more and more boring. I can't say
any happy time spend here on these two days. It may be the season and
weather which is playing its part in effecting my mood.

Overall my all exitement in coming to IInd Sem. went in vain and I am
not feeling that good.

Bye for now


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I, Robot

A nice movie. After much time I today watched this movie and I can say that this one won't let any viewer down as it contains all the aspects suspense, terror and beautiful story. I must recomend this movie for every sci-fi movie fan as this one will cater their taste very well.


Monday, January 16, 2006

After My Birthday !!!!

Yesterday was my birthday, it started with wishes via sms by Divya and Pujit. Later on Kanu called me in night and Anjulika called me in morning. I also got wishes from Shilpi and Ashutosh Porwal owever my old friends (Mahendra, Rohit, Zeeshan) didn't remembered my b'day. Shashank also wished me after I reminded him. Apart from this I got a call from Deepika Singh with Birthday wish and information regarding the frecture of Juhi's hand. I called her and she told me about her frecture. I asked her to wish me How funny!

There was nothing important in my birthday this year apart from the fact that this year I was wished by more than I expected. Even though in morning I was having more than one calls at same time.

One important call was from Shilpi Anand in morning. I was not expecting her call but she called and wished me. The fun part was that she first called on my old number which was now with Papa and papa didn't understood she was asking my name instead he thought it was Aarti and he disconnected the call. She again called on landline and this time I pick the phone. She wished me and also we chatted a little although I didn't expressed what I wanted to say because Mom and Dad was there but still we had a little chat. She told me that she was in BA Final year (To which I asked her that whether she has started Five year plan for BA) she also told me of her hardware course from JetKing. After this we finished our talk and now I felt a little bit disturbed as I wanted to talk her some more but I can't cause I can't speak what I wanted to speak in front of papa.

Nothing more special regarding my birthday. Today I went to Shilpi Kapoor's home to give her movie CDs and wish her mom Happy Birthday with me was Shashank.

So now I am finishing my entry.

Bye for now


Thursday, January 12, 2006

A boring day!!!!!!

Today was one of a boring day in my life. I done nothing important today all except watching movie Sin City ( although I wasn't able to complete it). I went to dentist today for scaling of my teeth but unfortunetly the machine was not available there so my time went to vain.

I also started one more blog featuring only Jokes. The address to which is :
I will be posting some cool jokes at this blog so do visit it.

Bye for Now


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Great Software to Colour Black and White Photographs!!!

Recently I found this great piece of software which converts Black and White Pictures into colour Pictures with just few keystrokes.

The name of this software is Recolored Beta 0.6.0 , This software gives professional level output and even a noice can get superb results within minutes. I was able to colour a black and white Picture into colour one within 1 minute and the result was more better than expected.

This software is a must try for all those who wish to put colour in their old memories.

You can download it from

Enjoy and do post comments here.


My poem qualified semi final and is entered into finals at

Today I got an e-mail from saying that my poem Love Expression has been certified as semi-finalist in the contest held at and this poem would be featured in their next Poem collection "Eternal Potraits", I could also win Prize if I qualified for the finals however, I would not get this prize as this competition doesn't have an option for an Indian to participate so I have given some random address just to put my poem there.

So unfortunetly even if i won then also I won't get the benefit. but atleast my poem is selected thats great.

direct link to my poem is

Or you can go to and look for Author Aditya Gupta. Here look for Love Expression. Alternatively you can read the poem on this blog itself by clicking

Bye for now....


Sunday, January 08, 2006

A busy new year start!!!!!!!

First of all Happy New Year!
I am late, yes! I am late in wishing new year but I had no choice other than being away from my home on new year eve.
Actually I was selected for the placement cell to go to delhi to represent our institute with 6 seniors and one of my classmate to convey various companies to come to our campus placement program.
So, as I wished for, I accepted the challenge and I had a busy but interesting week ful of new experiences and masti. Let me go through the whole past week stepby step. I came back to spn on 28th Dec'05 then I returned back to Barielly on 30th Dec'05, I left for Delhi on 4 am on 1st Jan'06, reached the corporate office at 11:30 am with Deepak Deoli Sir, Arun Prashar Sir, Saurabh Sir while the girls (Shilpi, Richa Sinha mam, Richa Gupta mam, Vertica mam) along with faculty group reached there at 7 pm in evening. We started our work from 2nd Jan'06 till 6th Jan'06, I went to a lot of companies and some of them were very much impressed by me even two offered me their assistance for future.
I enjoyed a lot this trip and I also entertain all of the members of the trip. We came back to barielly yesterday when our task was over and today I came back to Shahjahanpur with Shilpi Kapoor.
I also brought some movies from delhi, especially The Godfather collection, The Thomas Crown Affair, Madgascar, Choker Bali, Star Wars III, Scent of a Women, Scary Movie 3 and many more.
Well thats all for now as I am tired very much.
Bye for Now
Once again Happy New Year....

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