Sunday, January 08, 2006

A busy new year start!!!!!!!

First of all Happy New Year!
I am late, yes! I am late in wishing new year but I had no choice other than being away from my home on new year eve.
Actually I was selected for the placement cell to go to delhi to represent our institute with 6 seniors and one of my classmate to convey various companies to come to our campus placement program.
So, as I wished for, I accepted the challenge and I had a busy but interesting week ful of new experiences and masti. Let me go through the whole past week stepby step. I came back to spn on 28th Dec'05 then I returned back to Barielly on 30th Dec'05, I left for Delhi on 4 am on 1st Jan'06, reached the corporate office at 11:30 am with Deepak Deoli Sir, Arun Prashar Sir, Saurabh Sir while the girls (Shilpi, Richa Sinha mam, Richa Gupta mam, Vertica mam) along with faculty group reached there at 7 pm in evening. We started our work from 2nd Jan'06 till 6th Jan'06, I went to a lot of companies and some of them were very much impressed by me even two offered me their assistance for future.
I enjoyed a lot this trip and I also entertain all of the members of the trip. We came back to barielly yesterday when our task was over and today I came back to Shahjahanpur with Shilpi Kapoor.
I also brought some movies from delhi, especially The Godfather collection, The Thomas Crown Affair, Madgascar, Choker Bali, Star Wars III, Scent of a Women, Scary Movie 3 and many more.
Well thats all for now as I am tired very much.
Bye for Now
Once again Happy New Year....

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