Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Skeleton Illusion

Here is a site with nice Illusion Paper Model, its a skeleton with moving head. Ofcourse the head doesn't moves in really but the illusion makes it feel like the head of skeleton is following you. I have made it and really liked, it is easy and requires only one page.

Here is image of this model :

Download from Here :

Download Skeleton Illusion Paper Model


Friday, June 25, 2010

Paper craft : Dragon Optical Illusion

Yesterday I came across a great Paper Illusion, its a paper model of Dragon which when viewed by different angles makes viewer feel that Dragon's head is following him.

It really works, I have downloaded and made one for myself and it works very effectively.

Here is a Youtube Video :

To create your own, you can download the file from here (Just click on the files and save them and print them):

You can also get these files from this website :


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Notre Dame Cathedral & Other Foldable Paper Cards

There are some work of Art which catches your eyes very easily, and there is one artist whose work is similar. He is Yee, he has created some really beautiful paper designs from V8 Engine to V12 Engine and some beautiful Foldable Paper Models. I wanted to buy them to create one for myself but I didn't purchased beacuase I had other priorities but luckily recently they started a Summer Promotion, offering the same models at extremely cheap prices. I purchased Norte Dame Cathedral and Partenon Foldable Paper Model and I was really amazed when I got the file. It was superb. Easy as it looked but still the paper cutting involved was painful and required a lot of patience.

Right now I am making the Note Dame Cathedral whose final picture (When it will be complete) is below :

The above model may seem easy to create as it is of 14 Pages only, but the main problem which is small window and other cuts. It took around 3 hours to cut one small section as it needed very fine cutting. I believe that it will take around 10-12 days for me to complete it and I will post my final pictures of Notre Dame Cathedral Here.

If you are interested then you can also get this model for a very low price of $9.99 for this summer. Check out more images at Yee's website and order from there :

Notre Dame Cathedral

Other models on Yee's Website :

Parthenon :

V8 Twin Engine

V12 Engine


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free Mailing List Software

An E-Mail Newsletter is a great way to attract users to your website and inform them about new products. There are lots of mailing list softwares available on Internet but most of them either are feature less or are heavily paid. For instance many users will say MailChimp ( is a great service for email marketing, but I found it a bit difficult for those who are not living in US, i.e. they often put your account on scrutiny and never revert back to you. Only way I found with Mailchimp is that you need to buy a Package. While if you have a small scale website and want some free service with total customization then you might find difficulty.

So here is a solution : Acymailing List

This Software is for Joomla (Only drawback that you will need your site in Joomla). It is a plugin which when installed will provide you a mailing list service.

All you need to do is to download this plugin from : Website (Download the Standard One as it is free)

Then install it in your Joomla (Using Install->Plugin)

Then you will need to enable one module i.e. Mailing List (This will allow guests on your website to register for mailing list).

You will be able to find a Component ACY Mailing and using it you can send various newsletters. There are some readymade templates and designing a newsletter is very easy if you know how to create article in Joomla as it is an article which will be sent to your mailing list.

You can create unlimited Newsletters and Mailing Lists with Different Users in every list. You can also see how many have opened the mail in stats, also you can send a test mail before sending it to the list.

You can manually add users in the list or send mail to all Joomla users and many more options to configure.

There are 4 types of Acymailing, but for most users the Standard one which is free is good enough. I have installed it on my website : , and using it I am sending 2 different types of newsletter and my users are liking it.

Try and you will sure like it.

Have Fun

Monday, June 14, 2010

cpSync Backup Service

A very difficult task for Web Host and Web Masters is to have backup. Many website owners find themselves in a difficult situation when something bad happens and they loose their data. To help them here is a nice service by cpSync. Its easy to set up and both webmaster and clients can have their own backup.

From their website:

cpSync Backup Manager is a completely free cPanel® plugin developed to automate the full cPanel® backup generation for resellers and end users. By using this plugin, a reseller or a cpanel user can generate backup of all his accounts and send it to cpSync remote servers every day!

cPanel® users no longer need to login to cPanel® for generating a full backup, let this job be done by cpSync Backup Manager, everyday or every week!

cpSync has been divided as two

1. cpSync Backup Manager : This will backup all data including files,databases, emails, sub domains etc
2. cpSync DB Backup Manager: This will only backup the databases of ALL users or Selected users

In both cases, the backup will be generated and send to the servers immediately

cpSync Backup Manager is for every end users where as cpSync DB Backup Manager is only for the server owner.
If you are a server administrator/owner, install our free plugins for your users, see the Download tab for instructions. See the FAQ page to find out why you should install cpSync on your servers!

If you are a cPanel® end user or a Reseller, select one of the backup space package and purchase it. Once you purchase the package you'll get a welcome mail instantly, which contains username and password to access your backup account. You'll also get instructions how to activate the login.

Website : cpSync


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Facebook Connect With Joomla

Today after much thought I finally decided to add Facebook Connect facility with my site which is based on Joomla. My Site is in Joomla because there are lot of useful extensions available for joomla and most of them are free to use.

For Facebook connect I used an extension named : myAPI

It is free, easy to install and configure. All you need to do is download myAPI from Joomla Extension Directory (Direct Page for myAPI at Joomla Extension : Here)

Then install it. You will need to create an application in Facebook, just follow the instructions given in myAPI and you will be able to set up an application.

Then enable the Facebook Connect component, Facebook Fan Box component and Facebook activity component and configure them as per your requirement. Your Joomla site will be connected with Facebook.

You can see it is extremely easy and very much effective. For Demo on its working feel free to visit :

Have Fun

Thursday, June 10, 2010


A Movie by Prakash Jha. It was much hyped and luckily when it released I was in Delhi so I got chance to see the first day show.

First thing, there is nothing like Sonia Gandhi or any reference to any Political Party in this movie. Its not even look like the actual political scenario throughout the movie. The Killing and Violence is more inspired from Gangster Movies rather than any tricks which are used in Politics. For every problem in this movie, the only solution was Killing. Only in one scene it was shown that people of politics can trade, when Ranbir agreed to Marry Katrina but later due to political situation he has to ask Katrina to marry his older brother. Other than that no other scene showed any type of Politics. As I earlier said it was totally inspired by Godfather and it looked more as a Violent Gangster movie.

The elements of Mahabharat were there to justify certain actions of the actors as well as to bring some movement in story. But main objective of those elements was to let audience think that they have watched modern Mahabharat, but infact they watched Indian Godfather. Those who watched Godfather felt cheated while others enjoyed.

Another aspect which shall be talked and that is, this is first time Prakash Jha has to use Sex to promote his movie. Shruti Seth, Katrina Kaif and Sara they all showed their body and had one screen sex scene. To promote this movie Prakash Jha even said that there is one deleted sex scene (between Arjun Rampal and Theatre actress, Shruti Seth) which will be featured in DVD. Another gimik to promote the DVD of the movie.

Shruti Seth

This movie had more violence, sex than any Prakash Jha's movie and hence not a good idea to watch it with children.

My recommendation :

If you haven't watched The Godfather then you will surely like it (Rating : 4/5)
If you had watched The Godfather you will not like it very much (Rating : 3/5)

Overall it is a nice movie to watch atleast once but nothing special to speak about. Many would like it, talk about it but those who have watched real cinema may left a bit disappointed. This movie surely will be a hit, but it would never be a classic.

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