Sunday, June 13, 2010

Facebook Connect With Joomla

Today after much thought I finally decided to add Facebook Connect facility with my site which is based on Joomla. My Site is in Joomla because there are lot of useful extensions available for joomla and most of them are free to use.

For Facebook connect I used an extension named : myAPI

It is free, easy to install and configure. All you need to do is download myAPI from Joomla Extension Directory (Direct Page for myAPI at Joomla Extension : Here)

Then install it. You will need to create an application in Facebook, just follow the instructions given in myAPI and you will be able to set up an application.

Then enable the Facebook Connect component, Facebook Fan Box component and Facebook activity component and configure them as per your requirement. Your Joomla site will be connected with Facebook.

You can see it is extremely easy and very much effective. For Demo on its working feel free to visit :

Have Fun

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