Monday, June 14, 2010

cpSync Backup Service

A very difficult task for Web Host and Web Masters is to have backup. Many website owners find themselves in a difficult situation when something bad happens and they loose their data. To help them here is a nice service by cpSync. Its easy to set up and both webmaster and clients can have their own backup.

From their website:

cpSync Backup Manager is a completely free cPanel® plugin developed to automate the full cPanel® backup generation for resellers and end users. By using this plugin, a reseller or a cpanel user can generate backup of all his accounts and send it to cpSync remote servers every day!

cPanel® users no longer need to login to cPanel® for generating a full backup, let this job be done by cpSync Backup Manager, everyday or every week!

cpSync has been divided as two

1. cpSync Backup Manager : This will backup all data including files,databases, emails, sub domains etc
2. cpSync DB Backup Manager: This will only backup the databases of ALL users or Selected users

In both cases, the backup will be generated and send to the servers immediately

cpSync Backup Manager is for every end users where as cpSync DB Backup Manager is only for the server owner.
If you are a server administrator/owner, install our free plugins for your users, see the Download tab for instructions. See the FAQ page to find out why you should install cpSync on your servers!

If you are a cPanel® end user or a Reseller, select one of the backup space package and purchase it. Once you purchase the package you'll get a welcome mail instantly, which contains username and password to access your backup account. You'll also get instructions how to activate the login.

Website : cpSync



Anonymous said...

Sounds good, but link is dead

Aditya Gupta said...

Yes, it seems that their servers are either down or they shut down their service.

Try Siteautobackup. Its good service. link :

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