Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free Mailing List Software

An E-Mail Newsletter is a great way to attract users to your website and inform them about new products. There are lots of mailing list softwares available on Internet but most of them either are feature less or are heavily paid. For instance many users will say MailChimp ( is a great service for email marketing, but I found it a bit difficult for those who are not living in US, i.e. they often put your account on scrutiny and never revert back to you. Only way I found with Mailchimp is that you need to buy a Package. While if you have a small scale website and want some free service with total customization then you might find difficulty.

So here is a solution : Acymailing List

This Software is for Joomla (Only drawback that you will need your site in Joomla). It is a plugin which when installed will provide you a mailing list service.

All you need to do is to download this plugin from : Website (Download the Standard One as it is free)

Then install it in your Joomla (Using Install->Plugin)

Then you will need to enable one module i.e. Mailing List (This will allow guests on your website to register for mailing list).

You will be able to find a Component ACY Mailing and using it you can send various newsletters. There are some readymade templates and designing a newsletter is very easy if you know how to create article in Joomla as it is an article which will be sent to your mailing list.

You can create unlimited Newsletters and Mailing Lists with Different Users in every list. You can also see how many have opened the mail in stats, also you can send a test mail before sending it to the list.

You can manually add users in the list or send mail to all Joomla users and many more options to configure.

There are 4 types of Acymailing, but for most users the Standard one which is free is good enough. I have installed it on my website : , and using it I am sending 2 different types of newsletter and my users are liking it.

Try and you will sure like it.

Have Fun

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Mary said...

This is really helpful! I have been searching for these details. you have been a big help to me. I am completing my thesis about freewares. Thank you so much! More power to you and to your site!

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