Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Notre Dame Cathedral & Other Foldable Paper Cards

There are some work of Art which catches your eyes very easily, and there is one artist whose work is similar. He is Yee, he has created some really beautiful paper designs from V8 Engine to V12 Engine and some beautiful Foldable Paper Models. I wanted to buy them to create one for myself but I didn't purchased beacuase I had other priorities but luckily recently they started a Summer Promotion, offering the same models at extremely cheap prices. I purchased Norte Dame Cathedral and Partenon Foldable Paper Model and I was really amazed when I got the file. It was superb. Easy as it looked but still the paper cutting involved was painful and required a lot of patience.

Right now I am making the Note Dame Cathedral whose final picture (When it will be complete) is below :

The above model may seem easy to create as it is of 14 Pages only, but the main problem which is small window and other cuts. It took around 3 hours to cut one small section as it needed very fine cutting. I believe that it will take around 10-12 days for me to complete it and I will post my final pictures of Notre Dame Cathedral Here.

If you are interested then you can also get this model for a very low price of $9.99 for this summer. Check out more images at Yee's website and order from there :

Notre Dame Cathedral

Other models on Yee's Website :

Parthenon :

V8 Twin Engine

V12 Engine


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