Monday, June 25, 2007

The Prestige : Movie

The Pledge The illusionist shows something ordinary
The Turn He makes the extraordinary out of the ordinary
The Prestige The final reappearance

The story of The Prestige is build around professional rivalry among two illusionist The Great Danton and The Professor.
Their professional rivalry converts into a bitter battle which maked the life of both, a hell.

This movies starts with a failed act of The Great Danton (played by Hugh Jackman), where he dies in front of The Professor. Later on in the trial Borden (alias The Professor) was charged with the murder of Aglier (alias The Great Danton).

The movie revolves between flashbacks and present scenes which are easily distinguishable with a surprise element at the end.

The story is great and the end is most surprising. Although I somehow predicted the end during the movie but still it was shown in a different manner with a sense of sacrifice.

The main point behind the whole story was the nonacceptance of Anglier that Boreden has used a duplicate for his transport man trick. As he goes deep to uncover the secret behind his trick he find Tesla with a great discovery which would eventually change the life of both, his and his rival (Boreden).

This movie also reveals a lot of tricks performed by magicians which looks quite amusing to us but in real are more simpler but still done with a lot of practice.

I liked this movie very much, especially the surprise elements and I recommend it as a must watch movie even if you are not a fan of Hugh Jackman.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Changing the Display Driver of W550i

The Display of W550i is quite dull as compared to the bright display of W700i and higher models of Sony Ericsson.

So I decided to change the display driver of my w550i. It was risky but I was ready to take the risk as I knew that I will do it with proper precautions.

I already wrote an tutorial on connecting the W550i with Far Manager and XS++ So I will not rewrite it here. You can View that tutorial from Here.

So the files needed are :

1. Far Manager with SEFP Plugin (For CID 49 Phones)
2. XS++
3. Display driver of W700i

How to use Far Manager and XS++ is already discussed . To download these files the links are also given Here.
To Download the Display Driver go to (the password is free4all). From there go to Sony Ericsson->Driver->Display and download the dispdriver0.dat file (7kb).

After downloading the file store it in a easily accessible place on your pc say in c:\display

Then connect your cell phone with FAR Manager as described in the Far Manager Tutorial.
Go to ifs->Settings->Display

There you will find a dispdriver0.dat file, copy it to somewhere on your computer (say c:\original) by pressing F5 Key. I do this as precaution, in case the new driver doesn't work.
Then copy the new dispdriver0.dat file from c:\display to the Mobile (ifs->Settings->Display).

Now keep going back by pressing .. and exit the Loader and then FAR Manager using F10.

After reflashing as described in the Far Manager Tutorial, disconnect the phone and then start your mobile.

If everything goes fine your phone will start with new display driver. There will be no visible difference right now. You need to go to Menu->Settings->Display->Brightness on your Phone and then increase the brightness to 100%.

Now your phone will be more brighter then previous one and the display quality will be improved.

Note : If your phone doesn't restarts then you need to change back to original driver. Just do it by following the above steps and then copying back original display driver file on your mobile phone.

If the steps are done properly then there is no chance of messing up as this driver works. It has worked on my cell phone and my cell phone is now as bright as W700i.

So enjoy and if you have any problem then contact me (You can also read all the tutorials on the Mobile Phones Category.

PS: If anything goes wrong you can always Flash back your mobile phone. For details refer to this Post.


Love Stories

Today I read few really touching love stories and I wish to share them here cause I have collected them from different sources, some sent by my friends others taken by different sites.

I didn't wrote any of them but I put them here so that others can get them all from one place.

They are :

1. Boy proposed a girl.. The girl said no.
But the boy was not sad. His frnds asked him don't
u feel sad?
The boy replied "I lost the one who never
loved me, but she lost the one who
really loved her."

2. A guy had a cancer and had only 1 month to live.
He liked a girl working in a CD shop very much,but
he did not tell her about his love.
Every day he used 2 go to the CD shop & buy a
CD 2 talk to her.After one month he died.
When the girl went & asked about him,
his mother told he died n took her 2 his room
and she saw all the cd's unopened... & the girl cried.

U know why?

she had kept her love letter inside the CD...


3. There was a blind girl who used 2 hate every one exept
her boy friend.she always used to say that i'll marry u
if i could see you.
Suddenly 1 day some one donated eyes 2 that girl.
When she saw her boyfriend ,she was shocked to that
he was also blind.Her boy friend ansked "WILL U MARRY ME
NOW"? she simply refused.Her boy friend smiled and went
away saying,"just take care of my eyes...."
thats what LOVE is........

4. One day a boy asked his girlfriend 2 marry her.
the gal gave him a challenge to live a day with out her,
only them she will marry him. no communication was there
for 24hours.
the boy dont know that the gal has only 24 hours life
left.becoz she was ill. after 24 hrs the boy went to the gals
house holding a ring. he was shocked to know that she was dead.
she left a letter for him saying, "U DID IT AND U CAN BE WITH OUT ME.DO IT EVERYDAY MY LOVE... MISS YOU....!"

5. A boy n gal loved each other,unfortunatly d gal died...
Aftr death she said to d boy "ek vada tha tera har vade k peche,tu milega mujhe har gali, har darwaze k piche, par tu hi bewafa nikla, ek tu hi na tha mere janaze k peche."

Itne me ek awaz ayi, d gal shockd, ye uske boyfrnd ki awaz thi, he said "ek vada tha mere har vade k peche, main milunga tujhe har gali k har darwaze k peche, par tune hi mud k na dekha,ek aur janaza tha tere janaze k peeche"

Saturday, June 16, 2007

BSNL E-Top benefit

The new E-topup started by BSNL is a great beneficial service. I use two sims, one is of UP-East circle and the other one is of UP-West circle. Whenever I am in UP-East circle I face problem with recharge of UP-West Circle sim but now I am able to recharge it at any circle with the help of the new E-Recharge facility.

This is great.

One thing I didn't understood why they call it Demo Sim ?????

Hope there may be answer to this question.

Some Cool Jokes of LittleJohnny

These days I really need some great quality jokes to keep myself calm.

Here r some nice jokes which helped me to keep my worries and tension out of my mind. So enjoy the best from the internet collected in this post :


1. For weeks Little Johnny kept telling his first-grade teacher about the baby brother or sister that was expected at his house.

One day his mother allowed Little Johnny to feel the movements of the unborn child. Little Johnny was obviously impressed, but made no comment. Furthermore, he stopped telling his teacher about the impending event.

The teacher finally sat Little Johnny on her lap and said, "Johnny, whatever has become of that baby brother or sister you were expecting at home?"

Little Johnny burst into tears and confessed, "I think Mommy ate it!"

2. Teacher: "Hello boys, Remember!!! Nothing is impossible."

Little Johnny: "OK sir, could you please squeeze out all the toothpaste and put back it into the tube again."

3. Little Johnny: "Mum, teacher was asking me today if i have any brothers or sister who will be coming to school."

Mother : "That's nice of her to take such an interest, dear. What did she say when you told her you are the only child?"

Little Johnny : She just said, "Thank goodness!"

4. Haath mein takat hai to Tajmahal ko hila kar dekh...
Aa baith ke do peg whiskey maar aur
Tajmahal ko hilta hua dekh...

5. One day, Little Johnny's grandmother sent him to the water
hole to get some water for cooking dinner.

As he was dipping the bucket in, he saw two big eyes looking back at him. He dropped the bucket and ran back to grandma's house as fast as he could.

"Where's my bucket and my water?" She asked.

"I can't get any water from that water hole, there's a mean ol' alligator down there!"

"Now don't you mind that ol' alligator, Johnny. He's been
there for years, and he's never hurt no one. Why, he's probably as scared of you as you are of him!"

"Well, Grandma," replied Johnny, "if he's as scared of me as
I am of him, then that water ain't fit to drink!"

6. During one "generation gap" quarrel with his parents Little Johnny cried, "I want excitement, adventure, money, and beautiful women. I'll never find it here at home, so I'm leaving. Don't try and stop me!" With that he headed toward the door.

His father rose and followed close behind.

"Didn't you hear what I said? I don't want you to try and stop me."

"Who's trying to stop you?" replied his father. "If you wait a minute, I'll go with you."


7. Little Johnny's exasperated mother finally asked him, "How do you expect to get into heaven?"

Little Johnny thought it over and said, "Well, I'll just run in and out and in and out and keep slamming the door until St. Peter says, 'For heaven's sake, Johnny, come in or stay out.'"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Little Johnny Joke

Once more I read another nice joke of Little Jony and I am posting it here.

Teachers never give up, and neither does Little Johnny. She asks him, "Can you name the Great Lakes?"
You know Johnny, he is always fast with an answer, and he pipes up with, "I don't need to. They've already been named.

English Exam - Joke

The final examination for an English class was two hours long and exam booklets were provided. The teacher was very strict and told the class that any exam that was not on his desk in exactly two hours would not be accepted and the student would fail. A half hour into the exam, Little Johnny came rushing in and asked the teacher for an exam booklet.
"You`re not going to have time to finish this," the teacher stated sarcastically as he handed him a booklet.

"Yes I will," replied Little Johnny.

He then took a seat and began writing. After two hours, the teacher called for the exams, and all the students filed up and handed them in except Johnny, who continued writing. Fifteen minutes later, Little Johnny came up to the teacher who was sitting at his desk preparing for his next class. He attempted to put his exam on the stack of exam booklets already there.

"No you don`t, I`m not going to accept that. It`s late."

Little Johnny looked incredulous and angry. "Do you know WHO I am?"

"No, as a matter of fact I don`t," replied the teacher.

"DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" Little Johnny said again.

"No, and I don`t care." replied the teacher with an air of superiority.

"Good," replied Little Johnny, who quickly lifted the stack of completed exams, stuffed his in
the middle, and walked out of the room.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Little Johnny - Babies

A Nice Little Johnny Joke

An old country doctor went way out to the boondocks to deliver a baby. It was so far out there was no electricity. When the doctor arrived, no one was home except for the laboring mother and her 5-year-old child, Little Johnny.

The doctor instructed Little Johnny to hold a lantern high so he could see while he helped the woman deliver the baby.

Little Johnny did so, the mother pushed and after a little while, the doctor lifted the newborn baby by the feet and spanked him on the bottom to get him to take his first breath.

No sooner had he done this than another baby pops out, than another, and yet another. A puzzled Little Johnny quickly blows out the lamp.

The doctor yells, "What did you do that for?"

"The light's attracting them!" replied Little Johnny.

Who will cry when you die ?

This is another nice book written by Robin Sharma, the other one I read was The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. This book, Who will cry when you die can be said to be a collection of thoughts which shows the way of living through which one can attain love and affection by his peers.

This book is written in such a manner that you can start of at any point. Its writen in the form of chapters, a total of 101 chapters, and each chapter is independent from previous ones.

A quote from the book:
"When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries while you rejoice."

This book should be read by everyone and especially by those who already read The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and liked the book.

Getting the file you are looking for.

Generally we are looking for different files, we never knew that we can search them at different storing service providers website. For example I was looking for some text over a particular subject and I searched it on and I got it.

The search facility provided at gives you the power to search for any file stored at their server.

So next time you are looking for a file. Give it a try.

You can reach by clicking Here

Also you can search for files at Mega Upload and similar sites.

So Try and do post your experience here as comments

Confidence, Hope and Trust

Today I received this beautiful thought through orkut by one of my friend and I hope this one is good enough to be shared.

Once all village people
decided to pray for rain. On
the day of prayer all people
gathered and only one boy came
with an umbrella.... .. That's Confidence..

Trust should be like the
feeling of a one year old baby
when you throw him in the air,
he laughs.....because he knows
you will catch
him........ that's Trust............

Every night we go to bed, we
have no assurance to get up
alive the next morning but
still we have plans for the
coming day..........that's Hope..........




Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Flash Lite Tutorial for Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones

Here is a blog which has very good tutorial on Flash Lite for Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones. It has not only tutorials on Flash Lite Menu Creations but also contains some good flash lite themes.

Try : Flash Lite Tutorial

Enjoy and Do comment Here.

Personalised Animated Screen Saver and Wallpaper for your mobile phone

I found this nice online service which makes personalised Animated Screen Savers and Wallpapers. Although the choice is limited but still they are good for one try.

Visit the Site : Red Dodo

Try Its great for Cell Phones.

I have created few for myself. Try and Enjoy

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Last day in college

Yesterday was my last day in college and it was also the day of Project Viva. My viva went very good.

I went to college in the morning at 8:30 am and there I came to knew that examiner will arrive at 1:30 pm so till that time we had free time. This was enough but unfortunately I volunteered to help Ghosh Sir and that took a good portion of this time and hence I was totally free at 11:30 am.

Then we enjoyed a lot. We means all of the friends of our group. I had great time yesterday and I think yesterday could be said to be day of the life. Many cried, Pallavi cried, Monika nearly cried after Pallavi went to home. I was also sad but I was happy with the day as it was 100 times better than day before yesterday.

We stayed at college till 9:00 pm. I missed camera and cell phone as I could take some memories of the day but Juhi Vaish, Neha Maheshwari, Monika, Ashish, Deepak Bora, Madhuresh and many wrote on my shirt which I will preserve for life. I think that I might have cried yesterday but I don't know how I controlled myself.

Then while coming back to room Pujit said that we should take dinner but we were unable to eat anything. Yesterday night I was also not able to sleep. Today morning when I woke up I was very much upset, more than yesterday. I understood that if I came back to home by bus then definitely I will cry in the bus so I asked Mummy to ask Papa to come to pick me. They agreed and told me that they will reach by 1:30 pm, in the mean time I asked Ashish Shukla that whether we can meet or not, he said he will reach my room by 9 am. Pujit left hostel at 7 am and Rajeev left at 8 am. I was alone at that time and I was very sad and didn't wanted to leave. At 9 am Ashish Shukla and Ashish Sharma came and few minutes later I felt that Ashish Shukla was crying. I too was very sad but I was able to hide my emotions. We went to Butler Plaza and Rohit also came along with us. We met Anjulika (who was crying yesterday but was happy today), and other hostler girls. During this time Neha Maheshwari called me and while we were talking she was crying, this made me feel very sorry as this time I couldn't do anything to make her stop crying because this time the reason was out of my hand. At 1:30 Mummy and Papa came and I came back home. At least I was not crying.

Few months back I was waiting for such day but when it arrived I was not happy at all because this time I have to leave all my good friends and I think I can't express the bitterness in my heart through any words.

I don't know what had stopped me from crying but at times since yesterday I had, once or twice, nearly made my eyes wet.

Reaching back home also didn't helped me and I am still very upset. Infact I also slapped Ayan, my Bua's kid, he was irritating me from the time I reached home and now I did this too him.

I don't know how long this will last but this time I really didn't wanted to leave college. God, Why such ironies happen to me?

I didn't wanted to stay at Bareilly now I am feeling alienated at home. How funny. Hope I might stay in touch with my friends and can meet them time to time.

I will miss all my friends at college.

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