Friday, June 22, 2007

Changing the Display Driver of W550i

The Display of W550i is quite dull as compared to the bright display of W700i and higher models of Sony Ericsson.

So I decided to change the display driver of my w550i. It was risky but I was ready to take the risk as I knew that I will do it with proper precautions.

I already wrote an tutorial on connecting the W550i with Far Manager and XS++ So I will not rewrite it here. You can View that tutorial from Here.

So the files needed are :

1. Far Manager with SEFP Plugin (For CID 49 Phones)
2. XS++
3. Display driver of W700i

How to use Far Manager and XS++ is already discussed . To download these files the links are also given Here.
To Download the Display Driver go to (the password is free4all). From there go to Sony Ericsson->Driver->Display and download the dispdriver0.dat file (7kb).

After downloading the file store it in a easily accessible place on your pc say in c:\display

Then connect your cell phone with FAR Manager as described in the Far Manager Tutorial.
Go to ifs->Settings->Display

There you will find a dispdriver0.dat file, copy it to somewhere on your computer (say c:\original) by pressing F5 Key. I do this as precaution, in case the new driver doesn't work.
Then copy the new dispdriver0.dat file from c:\display to the Mobile (ifs->Settings->Display).

Now keep going back by pressing .. and exit the Loader and then FAR Manager using F10.

After reflashing as described in the Far Manager Tutorial, disconnect the phone and then start your mobile.

If everything goes fine your phone will start with new display driver. There will be no visible difference right now. You need to go to Menu->Settings->Display->Brightness on your Phone and then increase the brightness to 100%.

Now your phone will be more brighter then previous one and the display quality will be improved.

Note : If your phone doesn't restarts then you need to change back to original driver. Just do it by following the above steps and then copying back original display driver file on your mobile phone.

If the steps are done properly then there is no chance of messing up as this driver works. It has worked on my cell phone and my cell phone is now as bright as W700i.

So enjoy and if you have any problem then contact me (You can also read all the tutorials on the Mobile Phones Category.

PS: If anything goes wrong you can always Flash back your mobile phone. For details refer to this Post.



Anonymous said...

i want to know that how can i connect the phone w550i to put flash themes. i have two flash themes first breakbeat and clubpuls
& it was in the phone at the time of purchase. please tell me.

Nikhil said...

can u please upload display driver again its not working and i need it vary much.. thanks

Aditya Gupta said...

dear nikihil give me your mail id and mobile version no. I will send you the graphics driver.

Eddy said...

Hi aditya, may name is tushar. my sony ericcson w550i is badly srewed. i have a major problem with its display. problem is that its display gets neagtive every now and then. if i switch the phone off and turn it on, the display gets normal for few minutes and then suddenly the display turns into white screen and sumtimes like a negative. Otherwise the fone is working absolutely fine with all its functions. Please help me out as u seem to knw much more than me about this. I think my phone has a display driver problem. I faced the similar problem as nikhil did...not able to dwnload the driver. may be the display driver for w550i itself will mail id id . plz help me...badly needed.!!!

Milan Nadgir said...

Hi aditya, may name is Milan

my W550i phone after flashing display is negative

what i have to do now

this is my mail id

this is my details

XS++ v2.2 Ready !
18:14:19| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
18:14:24| Attempting to open the interface...
18:14:24| Turn off phone
18:14:24| Hold 'C' button on phone and connect phone.
18:14:24| You have 30 seconds.

Baseband ID: 8040
18:14:28| Hardware Platform: DB2010 Marita compact
18:14:28| Protocol Version: 3.1
18:14:28| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin...
18:14:29| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L
18:14:29| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
18:14:29| Activating GDFS...
18:14:29| Phone name detected!
18:14:29| Profiling SEMC phone...
18:14:29| Baseband ID: DB2010
18:14:29| OTP CID: 49
18:14:29| EROM CID: 49
18:14:29| EROM Color: Red
18:14:29| IMEI: 35744400xxxxxx
18:14:29| Phone ID: W550
18:14:29| Network: EUROPE_1
18:14:29| CDA: CDA102426/9 R2A
18:14:29| Firmware Version: R4CB020
18:14:29| EROM: n/a
18:14:29| Ready for operation!

Can u help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Aditya Gupta said...

For those who have messed up with this modding, you can always go back to factory settings.

Refer to the following post :

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