Monday, May 21, 2007

Modding & Flashing Sony Ericsson W550i

Today all of sudden it stirke in my mind, why not modd my Sony Ericsson W550i. Few hours back I was cursing myself for this decision. Why ? Well Here is the story.

In morning when I was surfing net, I came across a site , I visited it long back when I had K700i but at that time I didn't had any cable to connect my K700i with PC, but this time I do have one. So I thought why not give it a try.

I first thought to add some flash menus as my interface. Also I wanted to extend my sms storage capacity. For that I went through various threads at the forum and I downloaded two softwares : Far Manager & XS++. I also downloaded SEFP Plugin by Darkman for Far Manager which helps in connecting Sony Ericsson Phones with Far Manager.

I first loaded Far Manager and using SEFP and tried to connect my cell phone in the routine way (power off then connect by pressing the c button), It didn't connected then I thought I might have missed something so I again went online in search for what is missing. Then I found that I need to install the USB Drivers, which eventually I downloaded immediately from the download section ( After installing the USB Drivers I again tried connecting with Far Manager and this time my cell phone was detected and connected but to my surprise I was unable to browse the Flash or FS of my Cell Phone. Whenever I try to do so it gives me an error message. So I closed Far Manager, time to check XS++.

So I fired XS++ and connected my Cell Phone there. It detected in first attempt and There I tried to upload the files (To upload files using XS++, You need to put the files in files_to_upload directory under the XS++ directory in the same structure as you want them to go in the cell phone). XS++ aske me to use one of the two methods : 1. Brute Force (May take upto 5 hours or more), 2. Experimental (Fast but your Phone may not work again).

As I was low on time and patience so I choosed 2nd Method. It started fine and went on without trouble but when it came to upload the files it showed that "Activating the FileSystem" and then there was no progress. I waited for more than half hour, even I took a nap during that time. Then I decided to close the program. While stopping the process it said that your phone may not start. I had no choice but to stop the process and after that my phone refused to start. I was dead. I didn't knew what to do next and I had to go to shop also. I was damm frustated at that time and I was cursing myself for my decision. The reason for more mental pressure was that I have to go to barielly for my exams and I don't have time to get it repaired at service centre (It might take 3-4 days at the earliest). I also don't have any spare handset so that I can use that with my SIM. Infact We (Me and My Papa) already have Six handset and Eight Mobile connections so no chance.

At that moment I was unable to think of any solution so I decided to go to cyber cafe and try to search the flash file for Sony Ericsson W550i and then Flashing my cell phone with it. So I left my home. I went to Shyam's Cyber cafe and searched for the Flash File which I immediately got from (Password :, It was a 20 MB + download so it took 30 minutes at the Broadband connection (In India Broadband connection means a speed of 256 kbps that too shared at cyber cafes).

While downloading I surfed the net for more information and I found that my cell phone was CID49 and that is why Far Manager was unable to connect it. For It another method has to be used and one file will be needed to download. I downloaded that file too and I got a printout of that method too (I will post that method in next post). Then I copied all the files on my pen drive and came to my shop. I stayed there till 8:30 pm (My cell was dead since 4:30 pm). I was unable to try the method as for that I need to go back to home. Those 4 Hours went like a decade spend in Hell waiting for my turn to be punished. I was hoping that I may be able to flash my cell phone.

After coming back to home. I opened my laptop, started XS++ and connected my cell phone to it (It detected in second attempt). I selected the Main File only for flashing (I hoped that if it worked then I don't need to delete my data). With God's name on my tounge and my fingers crossed I pressed the flash button. It started and after 17 minutes the process was completed and I disconnected my Cell Phone and Powered on. Voila, it started. I thanked God for helping me. I first called Mahendra and told him that my cell is alive again and I am going to retake the risk. He asked me not to do it again but I had already make up my mind and this time I also have all the required files.

So now with the flashing method which I had a printout I followed all the steps and this time my phone was being detected fine with Far Manager and I was able to open the FS of the cell pone. I copied the flash files to the /tga/preset/system/desktop/flash directory and then I disconnected the phone (I didn't tried the sms trick because I need to backup my messages first). I disconnected my cell phone and Started it.

This time the Flash themes worked and In my Second attempt I was able to do what I wanted to do.

This was a great experience and this was the only reason why I love taking risks because Now I am thinking that if I didn't took the risk in the first place then I would not have learned so many things which might come handy at later time. May be I was under a lot of trouble during that time but due to God's grace at the end I was able to learn a lot.

Now I am going to change my sms setting and update the audio and video drivers. But I will not do that in today or tomarow as I have to do a lot of things apart from my cell phone.

Bye and Happy Risk Taking

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Rapol said...

Cool experience bro..... gratz....

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