Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nick of Time

Yesterday I watched this movie of Johny Depp. It was superbly acted by Johny but the problem was that the movie concept was already stolen by Bollywood in the Form of Badshah (Shahrukh Khan Starer).

All the situation was partly copied in Badshah and so I didn't enjoyed it much. This movie was older than Badshah but I was able to see it yesterday. So all those who havn't watched Badshah can watch it safely and I promise they will enjoy it. Otherwise it is an utter waste of time.

How much I hate bollywood copying the hollywood story and putting it as it is in their movies. This kills all the craze and interest of the hollywood movies.

Please somebody tell them that this is also a kind of piracy. We indian have to watch some idiotic acting and idiotic copy of some nice classics of Hollywood and become happy.

Guys please wake up.

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