Friday, May 18, 2007

The Alchemist

Today I read the Book "The Alchemist" written by PAULO COELHO.

Its a story of a sheperd SANTIAGO who searched for his destiny. Throughout this book I was amazed with the tight story line and also the hidden motivational force. I really loved this book and I also loved the way this book presents the motive to fullfil your dreams in a simple story of a boy.

Features like love, destiny and never giving up the hope are hidden superbly under the simple story which comes out in your heart as you go on reading this book.

Despite the fact tomarrow I have an Exam I have read this book completely in one go because I simply can't stop it before finishing it.

It also brings out my ppast failure, when I didn't went on to fullfil my dream. Now I can't go back but this time I will not loose my next dream and this is a promise I made with myself after reading this book.

Thanks PAULO COELHO for such nice story. And I recomend every one to read this book. Its simply great

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Anonymous said...

The Alchemist is a great book! I also love the work of Paulo Coelho!!!! Do you know that he is launching his new book, The Witch of Portobello, through his blog
I found it out because i'm inscibed to his newsletter
it's simply wonderful!
have a nice day!

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