Monday, May 21, 2007

Using Far Manager With Sony Ericsson W550i

Here is a small tutorial based on my experience with connecting a Sony Ericsson W550i with Far Manager.

Firstly you will need to download the following Softwares and Files :

1. Far Manager (
2. SEFP Plugin ( There click on the Plugins)
3. XS++ (
mirror :
4. USB Driver (
mirror :, which has the files created by den_po that will allow us to use FAR with Mobiles of CID 49 (

After downloading all the files. First Unzip Far Manager into a folder say Far Manager. Then Unzip SEFP in the Plugins folder of Far Manager. Also Unzip into any folder and then copy the SEFP folder to the Far Manager's Plugins folder. If it asks for overwrite then accept.

Now Unzip the USB Driver and Install it. Also Unzip the XS++.

Note : Make Your Phone Full Charge and then poweroff it and remove the SIM.

2. Start XS++ and Select your Cable then Press Start.
3. It will ask to connect your Cell to the cable while pressing c button. Do So (Make sure that your cell phone is switched off)
4. Then Select Flash Main Firmware in the XS++ and point it to the folder you extracted the files! Select then the file that corresponds to your phone , in my case (W550i) w550_r2e_dcu.49r.ssw !
Then Press Flash

The flash will start and will take around 1-2 minutes. The process will stop while Showing Finishing the flash. Press Stop after 1 minute of showing finishing flash cause It will not show further (It is a bug actually), It will say the process in not complete blah blah blah, ignore it and continue.

Now disconnect your phone and remove battery and wait for 30 sec. Do not switch on your cell phone.

5. Now start Far Manager. Press Alt+1 and select SEFP (generally at 0) After this select your cell phone model and press Enter the Matrix. (You can use tab and alt+tab to move between the selections).

Connect your Phone as you connected it with XS++.

6. Now go to FS and do whatever editing you wanted to do. Do not delete or change any file if you don't know because these are the system files of the cell phone and may cause your phone not to start. (read my previous post)

7. After doing all the editing go back by pressing .. and closing the SEFP then exit from the far manager by pressing F10 key.

8. Now restart the Farmanager and connect your phone.

This time select the Flash. Go to the directory where you extract the file. There in the REST folder copy the file rest_W550_R4CB020. It will ask that this is system are and such and such do you want to continue. Press Yes and your cell will flash.

9. Now close the far manager and disconnect your cell phone. Switch it on and Now you cell will start.

CAUTION: This process is very harmful and it may corrupt your cell phone software. So Do it at your own risk since I am also a starter so I won't give much help.

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