Monday, May 21, 2007

Sony's New "I Love Thump" Music Ringtone

Here's the new music theme of Sony's new Advertisement featuring Hritik Roshan.

The Link is : Download The Theme

Also It's Rocking Tune Its Rocking


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot - for the song - i was looking for it - also the settings are a great help - if you could help me with settings for Hutch Access..

thanks a load tho dude!!!


Anonymous said...

Very good ringtones indeed. I was looking for these tones for a long time.
Nice blog...

S K Jain

Anonymous said...

i have visited this linka couple of times, but havent been able to download the sony ericsson ringtone. wud do me a big favor if u send it to me at my gmail id -amo.rajadhyax.

Anonymous said...

a correction the id is: amol.rajadhyax

Aditya Gupta said...

Dear amol.rajadhyax ,

You didn't gave me your complete mail id. i won't be able to send you the tone as I don't know the domain on which you are having your mail id.

Nitin Singhal said...

please send this ringtone to my email id []as well.

Thanx in advance
Nitin Singhal

Siddhartha Gupta said...

hey dude,

can u mail me it on

thx in adv.

Ryder said...

Hello Friend please mail me here too.. ! :) as i am not able to download it as here is my email id .. or send here too

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