Saturday, January 30, 2010

Copying Web Hosting Accounts from one host to another (WHM/cPanel)

There are two methods of copying your webhosting account from one Server to another. You probably want to do it because you need to transfer your website on different Server.

First tutorial is for Shared Hosting (When you have only Shared Hosting Account on both the servers)

1. Loin to your cPanel of the site you want to copy.
2. Goto : Backups
3. Download Partial Backups (Home Directory, Databases, E-Mail Filters, E-mail forwarders), you can take full backup but unless you have root access on second server its useless.
4. Now login to the cPanel of second shared account.
5. Goto Restore and Restore all the files you downloaded earlier.
It will take some time so don't hurry.
6. Then Change the nameservers of your domain name.

If you have root access on the second server, then you can try the simple method which is more effective.

1. Login to WHM on the second server using your root account
2. Goto : Transfers->Copy an Account from another server using account password
3. Now give the following details :

Server to copy from (ip or FQDN):
Domain Name* :
Username to copy: :
User's password: :
Give new account an ip address :
Permit fallback to old system (see above):

4. Then click on copy account
5. WHM will automatically copy the account from your old account and all you will need is to change the nameservers of your domain name.

The second method which requires root access is the best one as it transfer all the account files automatically and you will not need to edit your database files or anything. But if you transfer the account using First method then you might need to edit the configuration files of your database if your account username is different on previous site.

Some host provide you service of restoring/transferring your website from your old account, you can ask your new host to do it for you. He will happily do it (he can't do only if he don't have root access, that means he is also a Master Reseller/Reseller of some other hosting site)

If you face any problem then you can ask here.

Zoom has copyright on Mile Sur Mera Tumhara ????

Two days back I posted link and post on the New MileSur Mera Tumhara, today I checked that it was removed from you tube because the uploader (I was not the uploader) has posted copyright content on youtube.

Now Zoom has gone to limits because they are copyrighting a song which is not their own. Its like you are singing Jan Gana Man and then say thats its your copyright ;)

This action is just because people are saying that new Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is worst. So they want to stop distribution of it because its hurting their image.

So Pathetic.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I watched this movie recently and I liked it very much, not because it has a great script or due to the 10 roles of Dr. Kamal Hassan but because the execution of the movie was great.

The story revolves around an Indian Scientist who was trying to save a Bio-Weapon from the hands of terrorist, but during the saving effort he was considered as the Villian by Indian Police. Then what happened ???

Watch the movie and you will really say Dr. Kamal Hassan is great.

A Must watch for any weekend.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Today I saw the new version of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, recorded by Zoom TV. It showcased the old song in the new avatar. But I was extremely disappointed. First of all the starting was Idiotic, How come we expect to hear a song of National Integrity sung by Amitabh Bachchan !!! Seriously, he is an Actor not a Singer, even his attempt for being a singer was ignored by Indian Public (remember Eir Bir Phatte?). He is an Actor and he shall be taken as Actor, where in the original Version the Song was sung by Famous Singers but this is pathetic.

Has India lost all its Singers that we have to rely on Amitabh Bachchan to start a song?????

Apart from the starting the whole song focused on Bollywood more than other areas and It is nowhere equal to the original song, which gained popularity as Second National Anthem and is still very melodic.

Here is embedded Videos of Original as well as new Song so that you can yourself judge.

Original Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

New Mile Sur Mera Tumhara (Part 1)

New Mile Sur Mera Tumhara (Part 2)

More Information on Mile Sur Mera Tumhara at Wikipedia :

BSNL 3G Result

I am just surfing net through BSNL 3G, and speed is good even when I have only one Signal Bar. It is as comparable to my Sify Broadband (256 Kbps), and now I am doing Test.

Here is the result :

Now I am going to test the Rs. 230 BSNL Topup which is supposed to convert my Data Plan to unlimited.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Republic Day

Wish you all a very happy republic day.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Convert your Blog to E-book or Printed Book

Hi, a nice tool is offered by Indian Self Publishing company :, this tool is named as blog2book.

Link : Blog2book

This tool helps you to convert your Blog into an E-Book format or you can also order it as Book from

The only limitation right now is that you can select only 100 posts. But still its a good tool to try once.

Setting BSNL 3G on Samsung Omnia Pro (B7320)

I am posting this tutorial so that all those who want to set up their Samsung Omnia Pro (B7320) Mobile phone with BSNL 3G to do Video Calls and use High Speed Internet.

First of all you will need a BSNL 3G SIM.

Video Calls

On your Phone Goto : Start->Settings->Phone->All Calls->Band Selection
There you will see 4 Options.

Select WCDMA
(You will receive a warning that it will work with 3G network only)

Then if your cell is able to catch the 3G Signal then you will see 3G in the main screen of your mobile phone.

Now you can make Video Calls without any trouble.

High Speed Internet Surfing

Keep the Band Selection option as WCDMA

Goto : Start->Settings->Connections->GPRS->New..

Put the following details :
Description : bsnlgprs
Connects to : The Internet
Access Point : bsnlnet

(Leave other settings as it is) then save it.

Now Connect your phone on your Laptop using Active Sync or whatever method you use (Not much trouble right now)

Again on your Cellphone Goto : Start->Internet Sharing

Select PC Connection : USB (or Bluetooth is you want to use it by Bluetooth)
Network Connection : bsnl_gprs
Then Connect

Within few seconds your Mobile will connect to 3G or High Speed Internet connection, you will see 3G or H near your network Signals.

Now you can surf Internet on your PC/Laptop

Do check your Surfing speed on :

The speed will vary at different places depending upon the Network Signals.
Speed I got is 256 Kbps as network signals are weak at my place.

Have Fun


BSNL 3G Service

Finally I got my 3G Sim working, I brought it on 24th Dec 2009, way before anyone on Shahjahanpur was aware that 3G is about to be launched. But unfortunetly due to one single mistake, I could not used it for more than 20 days, and when it was officially launched then I went to check with the Local BSNL Franchisee and with some trial and error attempts I was able to get 3G signal on my Samsung Omnia Pro.

Its not like that I havn't contacted BSNL Customer Care but they were worst, they never had any idea what they were talking about and how to solve a particular problem. Infact they always say my call is to be forwarded to 3G department when already it was forwarded to them. They don't have any idea to what to say, even one went straight to say that he knows nothing and his superiors also don't listen to them so its useless to call Customer Care. I think BSNL should shutdown the Customer Care Deptt.

But finally it worked. One problem still I am facing and that is Signal Problem, I am not getting 3G Signal inside my house so I can not use it when I am in home :(

I tried to use the Video Call function but sadly none of my know person has 3G Phone or BSNL Sim, so I asked one of my friend to get a BSNL 3G Sim today and then we can check the Video Call option.

The Mobile TV Function will also not work on Samsung Omnia Pro, so its another loss of having Samsung phone over nokia ones.

But when I tested its Internet speed outside of my home then the results were good, though not as claimed by BSNL (might be signal problem). BSNL claims to get 3.2 Mbps speed but actually I got 0.2 Mbps speed which is equal to 250 Kbps speed, and this speed is same what I am getting from my Sify Broadband connection. So its good for now, but I will check the speed at different places to find what the actual speed I will get in Shahjahanpur.

I will soon put the BSNL 3G speed result as well as Video Call result on this blog very soon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Website where people around the world share their bad experience, not just bad but worst. I like this site because this make me feel my bad experience nothing as compared to the ones posted on this site.

Have a look : FMyLife

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Experiment for affiliate income

I am trying a new experiment for affiliate income. Its related with investing money in advertisement to generate some income.

To work with it, I am putting $2 in an advertisement network which has pay per click rate of $.05 and using one afffiliate code which has $.1 per signup.

If all the 20 clicks(which shall be generated using $2) converts into click then I will get a profit of $2. And if it worked then I can use it further.

I will post my experiencce here.

The only risk factor is Fradulent clicks because those which are genuine will surely join the affiliate as they are providing free stuff.

Lets see how it goes.


Friday, January 15, 2010

A nice papercraft Blog

Today I got a link from a friend for a blog which has very nice collection of Papercrafts.

Here are some samples :

Link : IPapercraft

My Birthday

Today is my birthday, Happy Birthday to me ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Adhitz is a good Online Marketing program, its a good alternate to Google Adsense. Much better than Adengage or any other similar, esp. Bidvertiser. Personally I will never recomend anyone to use Bidvertiser. They never pay and neither show real clicks.

Try adhitz for once and you will not be disappointed.

Site : Adhitz


Model Krrishika Gupta hot photos

Hot photos of Model cum Actress Krrishika Gupta

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Tricks to Increase Google Page Rank for Your Website/Blog

Here are 5 simple tricks to increase your Google Page Rank, you can try them to see increase in your pagerank very fast.

1. Getting Incoming Links from High Quality (High PR) related sites.

Getting backlinks from related websites/blogs increases your Page Rank quite fast. But make sure that the sites should be of related category otherwise you won't get much benefit. Signature Links are good place to start. You can join various forums related to your blog/site and then put a Link back on your Signature area. Thus you will gain good link backs.

2.Useing SEO Techniques to improve your site

You need to use various SEO Techniques to make your blog/site Search Engine friendly, like putting proper meta description, meta tags, having sitemap etc.

3. Writing Good Quality Original Content

The most important factor for website popularity is by its content. Writing high quality original content will bring you good visitors who can link your site on their own blogs and websites for source to various articles. Thus you will get good SEO score and rank better on Page Rank. Also original content is important because if google engine finds that your content is copied from other site then it will downgrade your page rank which will be nearly impossible to increase back.

4. Don't take links backs from every sites

As said in first point quality link backs is important. Getting links from nearly every site will downgrade your site's Page Rank. Only look for related websites/blogs.

5. Regularly update your website

Updating your website at regular interval will increase your site's search engine visibility and thus your Page Rank will increase.

Try any of the above techniques and you will see a remarkable rise in Google PR.

One important note : Don't forget to put a link to on your website, this may help in long run.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Godaddy Coupon Code (30% Off on Register/Renewal)

This coupon code enables you to get a discount of 30% on every Domain Registration/Renewal under .net, .com, .org.

Coupon : gda111pl
Valid for : Registration/Renewal of .com , .net & .Org Domains

Valid till : 24th Jan 2010

Keep looking the Coupon Codes Section for various coupon codes of online services

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