Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead !!!

Just know I knew about the shocking news of the Death of Michael Jackson. Many loved him and many hated him but no one can argue he was one of the best Dancer and Pop Singer.

He died of a cardiac arrestat his rented Mansion, He was 50 years old and was planning for his upcoming concert named as "The Final Curtain".

I will really miss his performances.

For more detailed news visit :

Today I am writing about a great website which will be helpful for those where Orkut, Hi5 and other websites are blocked from their school/Office. It is a good proxy site which will help you in visiting websites which are blocked by your internal network. Plus it also helps in hiding your IP Address. A great site to visit.

From the Site :

Surf The Internet Securely & Remain Totally Anonymous
Our free proxy allows you to surf the web anonymously and securely. Use our free unblocker to unblock facebook, unblock myspace, unblock hotmail/live, unblock bebo, unblock hyves, unblock youtube, unblock Hi5 and any other website your school or work has blocked. This is a totally free proxy service, if you choose to use our site, we ask you to please tell your friends so we can continue to grow.

Monday, June 22, 2009 in Beta Testing

Now is in its beta testing. The template is complete and the registration module is changed to include more funtionality. More content will be added soon and also graphics to make site look more attractive.

We will be including all the contacts for Shahjahanpur as much as possible.

You can visit and register for Shahjahanpur Info at Shahjahanpur

Have Fun


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shahjahanpur is under construction and it will soon be launched. This site will be the portal for Shahjahanpur.

The expected launching date for it is 1st July 2009. You can include your articles or any other stuff you wish to add. just contact at

More information will come soon.

Watch out this blog for updates

Monday, June 15, 2009

Using PHP for sites in place of regular HTML

Today I tried a way to use my HTML Site in a new manner. Technically they are php files but nothing of PHP has been included. I just converted my HTML files to php and got a great portability.

Actually my site : was having a menu at the top on every page. So if I need to add even a single link in it then I would have to go through all the HTML pages mannually and this was a biggest trouble. So I broke up my HTML in three parts, First one Header, Second the body and third the Footer.

What I did,

created a header file with all the header portion plus the menu of my site.

Then I created a seperate footer file with the copyright information in it.

Lastly I created individual php files which contained the body material and in the begining it called for header file using include function and in the bottom the footer file using include function. Then the body of the individual HTML files were written in the individual php files.

This way I have a reusable header/footer file and customised body files for every content on my site.

Advantage of doing this :
1. I got a header file where I can simply add/remove or modify the menu/header by editing only one file
2. Footer can be customised with Google analytics and similar code by editing one file only

1. I can not put current tag in any of the header link

Overall I found this method to be more helpful. You can check it out at

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Free Resellers is going crazy ..... We Give give away free reseller hosting.

Start 10 new Treads and 20 posts on our Hosting forum at and get activated your reseller account.

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Extra Features

Admin & Client Control Panels
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Please note that the treads and posts you have on "Free Resellers Lounge" are not entitled to the offer.

After your 10 new Treads and 20 posts you need to stay active on the forums to keep your free reseller!

Check it out at

Friday, June 05, 2009

Link Bucks

Its a great site if you share a lot of links with your friends or post links at different forums.

It pays you for every link you share !!!

Actually, First you need to create an account with Link Bucks , Then you need to create a link using create Link option.

For example. If your real Link address which you need to share is then you will give this info on Link Bucks and the type of Ad you wish to show before this link.

Link Bucks will generate a link for you. for above site I got this link :

When anyone visits this link, then an ad will be displayed and my site will be loaded in few seconds (5 sec). and for every 2000 impressions I will get $1 through Paypal.

Benefit: Though I will not recommend it to use on your personal website, but when you post some content on Blog or Forums then you can use linkbucks to get some profit.

You will also get some profit by referrals.

Here is the Link to Join : Link Bucks

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Looking for Staff

I am looking for staff for my websites. So if anybody is interested then he/she can contact me with their present experience.

Sites for which I need staff:


& also one under construction post2host website

Monday, June 01, 2009

Creating Huge Posters


Today I found an online service which converts your images into huge posters which you can print on multiple sheets and make a big picture at your home. For instance you wish to create a huge wallpaper on your Living room wall with your family photo. Then simply upload your photo on the site, select how big you want and then it will create the output picture of that size on pdf file which you can print on multiple sheets and the join to create the final poster.

A sample image from their gallery :

Link : Rasterbator

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