Friday, June 05, 2009

Link Bucks

Its a great site if you share a lot of links with your friends or post links at different forums.

It pays you for every link you share !!!

Actually, First you need to create an account with Link Bucks , Then you need to create a link using create Link option.

For example. If your real Link address which you need to share is then you will give this info on Link Bucks and the type of Ad you wish to show before this link.

Link Bucks will generate a link for you. for above site I got this link :

When anyone visits this link, then an ad will be displayed and my site will be loaded in few seconds (5 sec). and for every 2000 impressions I will get $1 through Paypal.

Benefit: Though I will not recommend it to use on your personal website, but when you post some content on Blog or Forums then you can use linkbucks to get some profit.

You will also get some profit by referrals.

Here is the Link to Join : Link Bucks

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