Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Job

As I told in previous post that I have joined Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance as BM for its Channel Partner Om Sanchay. Now I am working and its really hard job. Though it seems very lucrative as being office job but the pressure is good enough to take anyone in deep low.

I have just recruited a team and now the working will start from 1st of June. Lets see what happens then, I have high hopes and I think I will be able to fulfill them.

I will try to update m experiences here as soon as I get free time. The problem is that whenever I get time I start downloading stuffs from Internet and hence I often miss to update my blog.

So hope for best and looking for future.

Till then enjoy

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Joined Kotak Life Insurance

Last Saturday I have joined as Branch Manager in Kotak Life Insurance for its channel Partner Om Sanchay. My task will be to look after Venue.

I am looking forward for it very much and I hope I will perform good.

Hope for the best...

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