Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Print on Demand with Justprint.in

Print on Demand is not new but the problem is that till date only business documents and books were available through it. What if you want to pint paper models? Literally there were no service available earlier for Indians. In US you can get documents printed through Staples but in India no one was there.

But now there is one which not only provides cheap rates but also fast service. Almost next day delivery. The Service is of Overnite Express, name Justprint.in

To test their service I ordered 10 A3 Size printouts on 225 GSM Matt Finish (cost Rs. 19.60 per page), in which I put some tiles of HVStreet Model (WorldWorksGames) and my personal tiles of Grass which I am making for my future Forest Model. I ordered on Monday morning, I also got Rs. 50 off since it was my first order. So a total cost was Rs. 196 (cost of 10 paper) + Rs. 40 Courier Charge - Rs. 50 (Discount): Total - Rs. 186. I got the printouts on Wednesday morning (they reached my city on Tuesday itself but the courier guy didn't delivered on tuesday) still a fast service considering the order was small. Now the Quality: The paper was good and the packing was great so that the papers may not fold (A big point), printouts were a bit glossy but they were clear. Grass printout looked very impressive and the HVStreet tiles were a bit dark but thats due to the Tile Set also. Overall I can safely give 9/10 points for Quality of Printout. Since the printouts were through Laser Printer so there is also no problem of fading of prints by water drops.

Overall the service of Justprint.in is so good that soon I am going to make a big order of around 40-50 A3 pages with them (I am preparing the pages). I also recommend all Indian Paper Model makers to try their service and save time, money and efforts for printouts.

Their website : Justprint.in

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