Monday, May 29, 2006

How to bypass the All Slots Full in Mega Upload

I got this by mail from my friend. Hope this will help those who are having trouble with megaupload.

It's hard to download a file in megaupload or sexuploader if all slots are full.The following are step by step procedure on how to download a file in megaupload using a proxy.

1st: Go to

2nd: Click the "Acces the free proxy" button.

3rd: Delete the "http://" in the address bar and paste the megaupload url.

4th: Untick "No Script"

5th: Click the "I agree and wish to surf anonymously" button.

6th: Wait the the countdown until you see the "click here to download" button.

7th: Click the "click here to download" button and save your file.

8th: Enjoy!


Friday, May 26, 2006

Underworld : Evolution

Yesterday I watched Underworld : Evolution. This was a great movie and it revealed a lot which was left in the first movie.

It is a must watch for those who watched and loved the first movie. In this movie the fight for Survival and the past goes simultaneously and thus creating an intense but tight movie script.

New ones should also prefer to watch this movie.

Enjoy it.


Orkut Communities

A great way to join old friends and make new friends by trusted network community.


Its Great.

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