Monday, May 29, 2006

How to bypass the All Slots Full in Mega Upload

I got this by mail from my friend. Hope this will help those who are having trouble with megaupload.

It's hard to download a file in megaupload or sexuploader if all slots are full.The following are step by step procedure on how to download a file in megaupload using a proxy.

1st: Go to

2nd: Click the "Acces the free proxy" button.

3rd: Delete the "http://" in the address bar and paste the megaupload url.

4th: Untick "No Script"

5th: Click the "I agree and wish to surf anonymously" button.

6th: Wait the the countdown until you see the "click here to download" button.

7th: Click the "click here to download" button and save your file.

8th: Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

dude, it didn't work for me, it's taking forever, nothing appear in my screen.

Anonymous said...

It worked for me after two tries.


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