Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My past few days.

My past few days went surprisingly fast. I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed them very much.

Yesterday I got my result and I scored 848 Marks. It is good enough considering I was one of the only few who is able to manage the increasing marks in result.

Now I am having my U.T.'s and am hoping for the best.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What Car Will You Get ????

God: Men, what car you get in Heaven will depend on how faithful you were to your wives on Earth.

Man 1: Please God, I can't count how many times I cheated on my wife. There were just too many beautiful women on Earth, and I had to have them all.

God: I am ashamed of you, my man, for that, I give you a run-down truck that barely moves.

Man 2: Dear God, please forgive me! I cheated on my wife once, just once! We were going through problems and I took the wrong turn. Please forgive me!

God: My man, I am ashamed of you too. But I will be kinder to you. For that, I give you a convertible BMW.

Man 3: Dear God, you will be so proud of me. I loved and worshipped my wife. I brought her roses everyday after work, I brought her gifts every aniversary, and we went travelling, and had dinner out three times a week, and...

God: Okay, my man, enough! I get the point. I am very proud of you! For that, I give you any car you desire!

Two weeks later Man 1 and 2 are driving on the freeway when they see Man 3 ahead of them, stopped in the middle of the road in his Black Jaguar.

Man 1 and 2: Hey Man! Why are you sitting in your car and crying your eyes out? You're acting like some ungrateful bugger! Look at your car, man! What is your problem?!

Man 3: I just saw my wife on rollerskates!

Waiting for Result

My result of 3rd Semester is not out yet and I am waiting for it desperately.

I hope it comes out to be good because my HR2 and FM2 paper were not very good.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Godfather Returns

This is a book written by Mark Winegardner which was written of the base story of The Godfather and wraps around The Godfather Trilogy.

This novel although having tough language is superbly executed novel and ties up the gap between The Godfather Novel and the Godfather Movies.

Published in 2004, it is great adoptation of the original Novel. The main focus is on The Character of Micheal Corleone.

It should be read by all the Novel fans but only after reading the original Godfather Novel.

The Godfather

This is one of the best Book I have ever read.

Its a master piece. The main plot is of a Crime Family of New York and the power struggle between the various Crime Organizations of New York Called as Families.

Written by Mario Puzo it is one of the finest work in Fiction. I must admit that apart from the crime story it also has a great character buid and especially the character of Micheal Corleone was superbly crafted.

Every one should read this book for once.

This book was the base of the famous Godfather Movie and the trilogy series.

Valentine Day

Yesterday my Valentine day went surprisingly different. In morning I had a fight with Papa regarding my travel to bly. and then later half of my day went into staying at Sangam Hostel's room.

Not much happened to say about just one thing that I didn't liked that why GOD hates me so much that he makes my all work go wrong and makes my right decisions wrong by turning events unexpectedly.

Anyway I have to live life and keep winning even though I lose the thing for which I fought for.


Sudoku Games

I found this good site with lots of Sudoku Games.

There are many variety of Sudoku Games on this site ranging from paid to free.

Link is : Free Sudoku Game Downloads


Birla Sun Life Insurance Company

I have joined as Agency Manager for Birla Sun Life Insurance Company but I am not happy with the task given. Basically the problem is that I don't have much time or say enough time to complete the task. However, I managed to do so. But I am not interested in continuing the Job.

Might be the reason that I don't like Insurance Sector.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Selection in Birla Sun Life Insurance

I am selected in Birla Sun Life Insurance for my home town. I havn't joined it yet but I think I will join it today itself.

Rest I will post later.


Create your own Stuffs

Today I found a great site which provides some great tutorials on making various stuffs, things.

The link is : http://www.makezine.com/blog/

Its great and everyone should visit it.


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