Sunday, August 27, 2006


I watched this movie today. It really sucks.

Not much to mention. Just some cool Animations which is similar to the game DOOM 3.

It should not be considered to be watched.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back in Action

After a long time I am posting on the blog. I didn't posted here because I never got enough time to work on Internet. Here in SPN I am having very bad time during the period of June & July. I never got what I wanted.

I tried to do my best to get some attention of the one I like but it didn't happened. In fact I think I am being deserted.

Now after few days I would be back in college and this time I won't be staying at college hostel due to the over burdening set of rules in the college hostel. This time I would be staying at Green Park. We have booked a flat and I will be going there on 16th. My college will start from 18th July.

One more thing I wanted to share that is during this time I am also angry with one of my friend because of his irresponsible behavior and his selfishness I was unable to do my summer training as well as I got a little bit frustated while searching for room in Barielly.

He said to me when we left college after exam that we both will be doing summer training in Barielly but he joined ICICI Pro Lucknow and didn't informed me. When I contacted Amit Singh at Sahara and he asked me to come to Noida then I called Ashutosh and he told me that he has already joined ICICI. I was shocked because atleast he should have informed me earlier. Now I am not in mood to continue my friendship because at times he has shown me that he is very selfish whether it will be time at Invertia or his attempts during college time to get benefits alone. I don't know where I did wrong but my friends at college always think they are smarter then me and in fact whenever I gave then chance to come forward they try to push me back.

I don't know why this happens to me.

Hope I will be able to overcome these problems this time.

Bye for now.........


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