Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update Manager for Joomla

Updating a Joomla Installation can be a nightmare, but there is a very small component which makes the update process so simple that any novice user can also update his Joomla Installation.

All you will need to do the following steps to update Joomla:

* Download Update Manager for Joomla from Here : Update Manager
* Install it on your Joomla usings Extensions->Install/Uninstall
* Run the Update Manager from Components->Update Manager
* Follow the onscreen instructions.
* Update of your Joomla Installation will complete within few seconds.

So enjoy updating your Joomla and stay ahead.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Beware of (aka Speakasia)

I know that this title can raise many eyebrows, but I am sure that in a year or two people will thank me for this post.

I generally do not speak much about MLM as ultimately they all run away with people's money and by now everyone should have learned this, but in recent days I saw a rising trend of people speaking about

Here are some points which I wanted to tell you then you can yourself verify whether Speak Asia is good for you or not?

1. is a Singapore company but it need to host its mail on rediffmail? Everyone knows that Rediff Mail is an Indian Company with global presence but the majority of Rediffmail pro users are Indians and if anyone from Singapore needs outsourced email then they can easily select gmail but not rediffmail pro.

Here is the DNS Record for :

Record Type TTL Priority Content A 30 minutes () MX 1 hour 10 NS 1 hour NS 1 hour SOA 1 hour 2011033100 28800 7200 604800 86400 TXT 1 hour v=spf1 ~all SOA 1 day 2011033100 28800 7200 604800 86400 A 1 hour () CNAME 1 hour

2. It is very strange that a Singapore based company is giving its payout FAQ only for Indian Bank?
Check out The FAQ section under Rewards, you will find this line:

Q3) How do I redeem my reward points from the company?

A:The reward points can be redeemed for buying products , services and subscriptions . Un utilized reward points can also to transferred from your e wallet upon request to your bank account at the end of 30 days from the date of filling up the survey. Within 7-14 working days (depending upon the local bank in India) the amount gets credited to your bank account. Amounts are credited in your local currency by the bank. A bank transfer charge at the rate of 3% is applied subject to a minimum of USD7.5 .

3. Traffic source

Being a Singapore based company focusing all world, it is very strange that 80% of the traffic for the site is from India and the remaining 20% is from Bangladesh.

4. Enough of the above jargons as most people will not understand and those who understand above matter will not easily fall into prey of these sites. So here is one example which can raise the doubt:
According to one person who tried his best to convince me for Speak Asia, that they pay Rs. 1000 per survey. Which company on earth could pay such a large amount for one Survey? lets be genuine even if the amount is $1 USD i.e. Rs. 50 per survey then also its too much. I mean in present time you can get thousands of accurate survey done in much lesser amount.

That guy told me that a company pays Rs. 30 lac for advertisement then instead of that advertisement they can reach to clients much faster than survey. Then here is the answer I gave, when a company pays Rs. 30 lac for an advertisement then they reach a very large audience. For instance an Ad in World cup final would be viewed by atleast 50 million people. But if this amount is divided by 1000 then the target audience would be only 3000. So why would a company leave 30 million viewers to achieve only 3000 for the same amount? Will you do it?

4. Rs. 11000 for subscription to their website only. There is no commitment from them, i.e. any legal bounding for providing you any survey. So you can't do any case against them. Even if you do then whom you will file case against?

5. How long speak asia will stay?

Thats a question which is even uncertain for the owners of the Speakasiaonline. The simple answer is they will stay online as long as their income is more than their debts. That is as long as the number of new registrations on their site is giving them more money than what they need to pay to their existing users. The day when the income is equal or less than the debt, they slowly will disabling accounts and then reducing the number of surveys, then claiming surveys as fraud. This way they can squeeze maximum profit and sooner they will close down their site.

So as long as the site is online then you can make money but there is no certainty how long they will remain active. So take risk if you want.

And for those who want to comment that this site is reliable, they are making money, they can show proof I would like to say only this thing :

I don't care how much money you are making or you have purchased a brand new Honda Civic with the earnings. I don't want to join this or any kind of MLM. I am happy for your profits but I prefer the hard way of doing business rather than such fast methods of earning money.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Good Progress in My Kid's Scrapbook Album

For past few months I was making my kid's scrapbook album. I first tried to make it traditional way i.e. using pattern paper then cutting and pasting every element manually, but then I found it difficult to make an album where I can add more pages later. So I purchased a Photo Album (12x12 size) then I added all the scrapbook pages in it.

But then also there was a problem as making every scrapbook page manually took a lot of time and it also didn't stick very fine in the photo album. So to overcome this I decided to create Digital Scrapbook Pages and the print them and fix in my album. For this purpose I used scrapbook files.

Now the album looks really beautiful. I am uploading the Digital Pages in low resolution on my Craftzone Blog. You can check them at : My Digital Scrapbook Pages



Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My new purchase from GEB (Global Ebay)

Today I received my new lot of items I purchased on 23rd March 2011. They are a lot of Clear Acrylic Stamps and Tim Holtz Distress Ink Set of 5. They are really great and worth the money spent. I am still not very good with stamping and now I am trying to work with some projects which involve stamps thus improve my stamping.

However now I have learned the Distress technique. My future projects will have these stamps also :). Stay tuned to my Craft Blog : The Craft Zone

Here is the pic of my latest purchased stamps:

If anyone is looking for any stamp set from these then do let me know. I can sell a set or two.

All these stamps are of Scrappy Cat.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Working on a Craft Blog and Craft Site

Now I am working on a Craft Blog and a Craft Site, I have set up the design and added some content and also working on to increase the content. Since there I will be updating my Craft Work and other information related to Paper Craft so there is a lot of work to do. Right now I am trying to create atleast one Greeting Card per 2-3 days so that I can update those on my new blog. I am also working on a Kirigami White House, which might complete in this April.

Other than that I will be adding some more content in my website ( also.

My other plans for the blog are : To start a contest and to start a blog candy (Both for my Craft Blog)

So those who love making Cards and Crafts should stay tuned as I will introduce a contest and a Blog Candy in April 2011.

Here are links for My "The Craft Zone"

The Craft Zone Site (Contains Gallery, Resources, Information and a Shop)

The Craft Zone Blog (Contain Articles and Tutorials)

The Craft Zone on Facebook (A Facebook Page which will have some exclusive information other than Blog and Site)

So stay tuned to get latest info on Art and Craft :)

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