Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Good Progress in My Kid's Scrapbook Album

For past few months I was making my kid's scrapbook album. I first tried to make it traditional way i.e. using pattern paper then cutting and pasting every element manually, but then I found it difficult to make an album where I can add more pages later. So I purchased a Photo Album (12x12 size) then I added all the scrapbook pages in it.

But then also there was a problem as making every scrapbook page manually took a lot of time and it also didn't stick very fine in the photo album. So to overcome this I decided to create Digital Scrapbook Pages and the print them and fix in my album. For this purpose I used scrapbook files.

Now the album looks really beautiful. I am uploading the Digital Pages in low resolution on my Craftzone Blog. You can check them at : My Digital Scrapbook Pages



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