Monday, April 30, 2007

Google Notebook

Today I was looking on various services provided by google other than search, mail, blog, picasa which I use generally and I found this Google Notebook. This service will provide the facility to me to add online note by the browser which can be accessed on any computer.

That means that I can save bookmarks along with other details and or different type of text material which I can use from cyber cafe also.

I have downloaded the mozila firefox extention and it says that it will start working after I close all the Firefox Instances and then Restart the browser.

So I will try it and I hope that it will also ease my work as other google services has done.

Once more thanks Google.

Webiste Address is : Google Notebook

Invertia 2007

The Invertia 2007 is over now.It was on 28th and 29th of April 2007.

I don't know from where to start. So lets start with the preperation of the Invertia. It started from tuesday i.e. 17th April for me because before than that I was not involved in any of the committee. I first joined the Quiz committee and then The Core Committee under Ghosh Sir. I was also the member of the Stage Committee and the Song Committee. The real work started from 24th April and the next 2 days were damm hectic. I along with Gaurav Arora, Karishma and Anjulika spend lots of time for preparing and doing various things for Invertia. Ashish Shukla and Ashish Sharma were a bit busy with Ashish Shukla's NCFM exam (Which he qualified) but after the exam was over they helped me a lot infact they took a lot of my work on their shoulders.

Neha Maheshwari was also with us on the committee and she with her presence makes things lighter.

Invertia Day 1: Krishna Night

This was a boring day as there was a lot to do with no fun. We have to watch all the events from Back Stage and this was also very boring. The Krishna Night was not as good as I was expecting. Also today I was unable to give much time to my friend who was a bit angry with me for the same. I was too busy with the work of various committees I joined (Which I joined because from 23rd till 27th April She didn't came to college and I was alone those days so to kill boredome I joined the committees). Anyway after 3 pm I left the work of committees and gave my full time to my friend which I think made her a bit happy after all. In night I came back at 12 midnight ( I went to college in morning at 7 am). And I had to go to college back next day in the morning at 7 am again. Anyway with the helps from my friends Ashish Shukla, Sharma, Anjulika, Gaurav Arora, Karishma I was able to be free a bit from much of the tasks.

I also took part in Ad Mad Show and Won first prize.

Invertia Day 2 : Star Night and Mr. & Ms. Invertia Event

This is supposed to be a good day but it also came out to be boring. The initial time was not very much important for me as I have to conduct a quiz and it went fine. After the quiz I went for the Treasure hunt but Its organising committee were not working good so we left it in mid point. After that we worked a while for the stage and similar committees and in night we went for the Main Stage of the star Night.

The star performers were : Naveen Prabhakar, Kunal Gunjanwala, Preeti Jingyaniya, Udita Goswami and Kashmira Shaw. I met with Naveen Prabhakar and Kunal Gunjanwala in the back stage and had a photo with both of them and with Others I was just able to meet because they didn't permitted to have photo.

The show was fine and I enjoyed it with Ashish Shukla at the VVIP area where not many of my friends were able to come.

At night I reached my hostel at 3:45 am. Then I slept and waked on 30th at 10:30 am. This was the overview of the time spent during invertia where we had fun, sorrows and a lot of other masti but no study ofcourse.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

BITWise 07 Enigma Quiz of IIT Kharagpur

Today I found out this very interesting quiz. Its difficult but still it is great for persons like me.

It has 25 levels and I am currently struck with level 18 and I hope I will sooner beat this level.

This quiz is actually meant for technical persons. So if you think you have good technical skills then go ahead and try to crack it.

The link is : Enigma Quiz and for Hints go to the discussion forum at : Discussion Forum

So Best of luck. If you need clues till Level 18 I am there.

Bye for now.....

EDIT : I have also cracked Enigma 2010, the hints to Enigma 2010 are : Enigma 2010 Solutions & Hints

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Pateint: Doctor, ye phulon ki mala kis ke liye?
Doctor: Ye mera pehla operation hai, success hua to mere liye, nahi to tumhare liye.

Patient: Doc saab, mein Chashma laga ke pad to sakoonga?
Doc: Haan, bilkul.
Patient: To phir theek hai doc saab varna Anpad aadmi ki zindagi bhi koi zindagi hai.
Husband: Raat film main ek chudail kabhi mere aage, khabhi mere peechhe ghoom rahi thi...
Wife: Koun si film thi ?
Husband: Apni shaadi ki movie thi !
Husband: Today is Sunday & I wanna njoy, so I bought 3 movie tickets
Wife: Why 3?
Husband: For you and your parents


a boy and a girl of class 1 ..
boy to mam - mam kya bachcho ke bhi bachche hote hai ??
mam- no .. impossible !!
boy to girl - dekha tum faltoo me paresaan ho rahi thi .

Beta - papa aapko cancer hai to sabko aids kyun batate hain ?
Papa- taki mere jane ke baad koi teri maa par buri najar na dale

Election 2007

Today was election voting in my City Shahjahanpur for the M.L.A. . Actually it is just another holiday for me as the voting process only takes 15 minutes and rest time is free for me. I am utilizing it for sleeping a lot.

Day before yesterday was my mom & dad's 25th Marriage Anniversary and it went fine. All the family members came and joined us for the party which held at Mejbaan. Although I didn't enjoyed much because there were no one of my friends only Mahendra showed up that day.

Yesterday I had a talk with MonTy.

Tomorrow I may leave for Bareilly as there is not much time left in my education and I want to enjoy this last time fully at the college.

Bye for Now.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Internet on Laptop/Computer using BSNL Mobile Connection

Yes, Now BSNL Mobile also supports using Internet on Laptop/Computers. All you need to have is an active SIM with GPRS enabled and a Computer/Laptop with connection option with the Mobile Phone, definetly a Mobile phone which support this activity.

Here I am sharing my experience how I got it working.

My Equipments: A BSNL UP East Prepaid Sim Card, A Compaq Laptop, Bluetooth Device and Sony Ericsson W550i Mobile Phone.

1. To activate the GPRS on a prepaid Sim I smsed GPRSPre to 3733. For postpaid the message will be GPRS199 or GPRS49 (as per the selection of rental plan). Currently Activation is free.

2. To download the handset settings using the sms method : send an sms with Comapny Model (eg Nokia 6600) to 8355.


Go to and then select My Portal. Give your Mobile Number there including as 9194********. And logon. You can then get settings on your mobile phone directly from the website. You can also change your Sims Menu.

3. After the Activation of the GPRS (generally 48 hours). You need to select BSNLGPRS Profile from Internet Settings. In Sony W550i it is in Settings->Connectivity->Internet Settings->Internet Profiles.

4. Now Pair it with the Laptop/Computer's bluetooth.

5. Use My Netwrok Access or Dialup Networking {depending upon the Bluetooth Device, for me Network Access(NAP Service) worked} to connect to Internet.

6. Now Surf the Internet on your Computer/Laptop.

Note : The Speed of Internet is acceptable and is generally good for E-mail checking, Using Orkut and or for Chatting. Not recomended for Downloading as the access chanrge are based on data used and it will cost 0.20 Rs per 10 kb.
This post is posted using the same internet connection. Hope it worked for all who tried.

Thanks and Bye.
Aditya Gupta

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

300 (The Movie)

I watched this movie today and was very much surprised by the work done by the director. It was a nice effort to present a great art work done by Frank Miller on Big Screen. Also it takes a lot of creativity to Show such epic battle on Screen. And I think he has done justice with the movie.

The main concept of this movie was the Greek Vs Persian where 300 Men of Sparta took fight against 100,00,000 Men of Persian Army. It showed the virtues of War like Bravery, Loyalty, Readyness to die and above all the leadership ability. The end was normal as it was based on nearly real event and it was one of the undercredited story of the history.

I am happy that I have watched this movie. Although I am having Three Unit Tests Tomarow. I have done no preperation and I am thinking to quit one U.T. i.e. of Finance (Income Tax). I don't know how well I will perform in other test but I am confident.

It is a must see for those who like War movies and love creative work. Its really and Art Work, Just like Sin City.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I have lost a good friend

On Wednesday last week I was very much upset because I have losted a very good friend of mine.

I don't know how I spent those two days i.e. Wednesday and thursday. But on friday I got good news that I can talk to my friend.

The time was really bad for me as I was feeling totally alone. I can't describe in words but can only feel it myself. How much I hate being Alone. God please don't do it again.

My Yahoo Avatar

Today I created my Yahoo Avatar and I have added this on my Blog at side bar.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Using Orkut on Mobile Phones

I am recieving a lot of request on Using Orkut on Mobile Phones like Sony E550i, W700i, K700i, K750i, and also for Nokia Phones. So here is the solution for it. Visit from your wap browser or PC and the download the latest version of Operamini (it should be 3.0 or higher). Using Opera Mini you will be able to access the Orkut Site with ease.

Now as my personal experience only Hutch supports accessing sites other than there default portal in U.P. and Uttarakhand, I tested BSNL GPRS and it worked only for and doesn't allow other sites to be open, Airtel also don't allow in default plan. I havn't tested Idea yet as I never put my hands on it.

Anyway if you have a gprs connection then you can definetly access Orkut on your Java enabled phone with Opera Mini.

Note : Still Posting is not working so you won't be able to acrap or accept friendship invitation etc. but you can do rest at Orkut.

Bye for Now

Nainital Panaroma

A Panaromic view of Nainital Mountains (Not professional of course)

Nainital Pic 6

Nainital Pic 5

Nainital Pic 4

Lake of Nainital

Nainital Pic 3

Nainital Pic 2

Nainital Pic 1

Its me boating in Nainital.

Nainital Tour

Yesterday we went to a trip to nainital, this trip was organised by Vikram on behalf of the College. I think this was a good initiative and he done good.

I left my hostel early in morning i.e. at 5:30 am (O.K. It was realy very early for me) then after picking up everyone we reached there at 11:30. I spent some time in Shopping along with Monika, Ashish Shukla, Anjulika, Ashish Sharma. I also brought gift for my mom and sister. After this we went for a Rope-way Trauma (I am still not sure what do we call it). This was great, previously I had a ride on it when I was a kid and that too towards Mansa Devi, This time I enjoyed and felt like flying.

When we reached top the view from there was really unexplainable. The whole Nainital surronded by Mountains and the big lake in the heart of it, Also the big stadium was looking just as a small table. Really the view was out of the world. The coming back was another great experience.

After this we had a boat ride. The water of the lake was really cool I enjoyed putting my both hands in the Water (The coolness of the water helped a lot in taking away the tireness of my body). I also tried to boat and done it quite good.

After all the fun was over then we have to leave back. While coming back I fell a bit sick and I vomitted. I didn't felt good while coming down from the mountains but after that I controlled my vomitting problem.

Yesterday also I was unable to know that whether everyone with me enjoyed a lot or just enjoyed a bit becasue no body clearly tells what is in their mind.

One more thing I want to add and that is on Sunday I found Aradhana on Orkut and I was happy that this is one good thing of orkut that one can find old friends. I think such social networking sites should be promoted but unfortunetly it is banned in our college so I can't do much orkutting these days. Hope I will be able to do more when I will reach back to home after completing my MBA.

Also I will try to put some images here if possible.

Bye for Now

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