Monday, April 30, 2007

Invertia 2007

The Invertia 2007 is over now.It was on 28th and 29th of April 2007.

I don't know from where to start. So lets start with the preperation of the Invertia. It started from tuesday i.e. 17th April for me because before than that I was not involved in any of the committee. I first joined the Quiz committee and then The Core Committee under Ghosh Sir. I was also the member of the Stage Committee and the Song Committee. The real work started from 24th April and the next 2 days were damm hectic. I along with Gaurav Arora, Karishma and Anjulika spend lots of time for preparing and doing various things for Invertia. Ashish Shukla and Ashish Sharma were a bit busy with Ashish Shukla's NCFM exam (Which he qualified) but after the exam was over they helped me a lot infact they took a lot of my work on their shoulders.

Neha Maheshwari was also with us on the committee and she with her presence makes things lighter.

Invertia Day 1: Krishna Night

This was a boring day as there was a lot to do with no fun. We have to watch all the events from Back Stage and this was also very boring. The Krishna Night was not as good as I was expecting. Also today I was unable to give much time to my friend who was a bit angry with me for the same. I was too busy with the work of various committees I joined (Which I joined because from 23rd till 27th April She didn't came to college and I was alone those days so to kill boredome I joined the committees). Anyway after 3 pm I left the work of committees and gave my full time to my friend which I think made her a bit happy after all. In night I came back at 12 midnight ( I went to college in morning at 7 am). And I had to go to college back next day in the morning at 7 am again. Anyway with the helps from my friends Ashish Shukla, Sharma, Anjulika, Gaurav Arora, Karishma I was able to be free a bit from much of the tasks.

I also took part in Ad Mad Show and Won first prize.

Invertia Day 2 : Star Night and Mr. & Ms. Invertia Event

This is supposed to be a good day but it also came out to be boring. The initial time was not very much important for me as I have to conduct a quiz and it went fine. After the quiz I went for the Treasure hunt but Its organising committee were not working good so we left it in mid point. After that we worked a while for the stage and similar committees and in night we went for the Main Stage of the star Night.

The star performers were : Naveen Prabhakar, Kunal Gunjanwala, Preeti Jingyaniya, Udita Goswami and Kashmira Shaw. I met with Naveen Prabhakar and Kunal Gunjanwala in the back stage and had a photo with both of them and with Others I was just able to meet because they didn't permitted to have photo.

The show was fine and I enjoyed it with Ashish Shukla at the VVIP area where not many of my friends were able to come.

At night I reached my hostel at 3:45 am. Then I slept and waked on 30th at 10:30 am. This was the overview of the time spent during invertia where we had fun, sorrows and a lot of other masti but no study ofcourse.

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