Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nainital Tour

Yesterday we went to a trip to nainital, this trip was organised by Vikram on behalf of the College. I think this was a good initiative and he done good.

I left my hostel early in morning i.e. at 5:30 am (O.K. It was realy very early for me) then after picking up everyone we reached there at 11:30. I spent some time in Shopping along with Monika, Ashish Shukla, Anjulika, Ashish Sharma. I also brought gift for my mom and sister. After this we went for a Rope-way Trauma (I am still not sure what do we call it). This was great, previously I had a ride on it when I was a kid and that too towards Mansa Devi, This time I enjoyed and felt like flying.

When we reached top the view from there was really unexplainable. The whole Nainital surronded by Mountains and the big lake in the heart of it, Also the big stadium was looking just as a small table. Really the view was out of the world. The coming back was another great experience.

After this we had a boat ride. The water of the lake was really cool I enjoyed putting my both hands in the Water (The coolness of the water helped a lot in taking away the tireness of my body). I also tried to boat and done it quite good.

After all the fun was over then we have to leave back. While coming back I fell a bit sick and I vomitted. I didn't felt good while coming down from the mountains but after that I controlled my vomitting problem.

Yesterday also I was unable to know that whether everyone with me enjoyed a lot or just enjoyed a bit becasue no body clearly tells what is in their mind.

One more thing I want to add and that is on Sunday I found Aradhana on Orkut and I was happy that this is one good thing of orkut that one can find old friends. I think such social networking sites should be promoted but unfortunetly it is banned in our college so I can't do much orkutting these days. Hope I will be able to do more when I will reach back to home after completing my MBA.

Also I will try to put some images here if possible.

Bye for Now

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