Wednesday, April 11, 2007

300 (The Movie)

I watched this movie today and was very much surprised by the work done by the director. It was a nice effort to present a great art work done by Frank Miller on Big Screen. Also it takes a lot of creativity to Show such epic battle on Screen. And I think he has done justice with the movie.

The main concept of this movie was the Greek Vs Persian where 300 Men of Sparta took fight against 100,00,000 Men of Persian Army. It showed the virtues of War like Bravery, Loyalty, Readyness to die and above all the leadership ability. The end was normal as it was based on nearly real event and it was one of the undercredited story of the history.

I am happy that I have watched this movie. Although I am having Three Unit Tests Tomarow. I have done no preperation and I am thinking to quit one U.T. i.e. of Finance (Income Tax). I don't know how well I will perform in other test but I am confident.

It is a must see for those who like War movies and love creative work. Its really and Art Work, Just like Sin City.

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