Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reliance Communication

Reliance Communication came to our campus for the job profile of Management Executive Trainee and I cleared all the rounds at the campus the only remaining round was in Meerut.

Unfortunetly I ws unable to clear that round. The reasons : Two, First that I told them that I was selected in Birla Sun Life Insurance and that went against me, and secondly I asked them for a locational preference to be in U.P. only and that too in U.P. east. They were more interested in Uttrakhand, Meerut and Jharkhand. So I was rejected but I was happy at that time that Ashish Shukla has been selected for the CEO meeting. Next day when I came to know that CEo has only rejected Ashish Sukla then I was very much upset but I can't do anything for him. The reason wich I think for his non selection was simple that CEO knew that he has been selected in Kotak Mahindra bank, this was told by Mili Mam.

I was very sad with his non selection as the only reason why I was happy even though I was rejected was that Ashish Shukla has been selected, He deserved the job also and he was looking for it heartly, he wasn't selected not because of his non capabilities but because Mili mam told the HR manager about his selection in Kotak Mahindra Bank.

I didn't liked the attitude of Mili Mam but there is nothing I could do. Its life and we have to let it go.

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