Friday, February 12, 2010

Engima 2010 Cracked & Result

Hi, Many of you asked for Answers to enigma (on my post related to Enigma 2007 , I cracked that one in 2007 and later on I forgot about Enigma, but this year when I started receiving request for solutions then I again tried to crack Enigma 2010.

Link to Enigma Quiz : Enigma 2010

This time it took me a bit long and also one person helped me with answers to 3 levels (Ajeet) but finally I cracked it.

Though I will not share all the answers, but here are some tips in short :

Lvl 1. Answer is the name of the Contest.
Lvl 2. Type the quotations in google
Lvl 3. When do we need to run defrag tool?
Lvl 4. FRIENDS Serial Character's surname.
Lvl 5. Its the second part of the name of the book, but a bit of spelling change.
Lvl 6. Its some thing related to the action of Bush.
Lvl 7. Which tool is executed when there is bug in program.
Lvl 8. What the baby is doing, relate it with search engine.
Lvl 9. It is related to a wall which protects your system from intrusion
Lvl 10. Just put the name of the cartoon character.
Lvl 11. Its related to the act of the person.
Lvl 12. Second name of the pic.
Lvl 13. currying
Lvl 14. Its advertisement of famous IT related company.
Lvl 15. pascal
Lvl 16. a famous sniffer tool
Lvl 17. What does this person does ???
Lvl 18. Where Data is stored
Lvl 19. Its related to opject oriented...
Lvl 20. Its related to fruit name and file sharing.
Lvl 21. LaTeX
Lvl 22. Its music download utility whose symbol is Bear
Lvl 23. Whitespace
Lvl 24. Its an error related to runtime.
Lvl 25. Its abbreviation to the country's name.
Lvl 26. A famous internet search engine.
Lvl 27. semaphore
Lvl 28. foobar
Lvl 29. product that beat roadrunner (bird)
Lvl 30. Its related to certain type of mails we receive.

Still If you can't beat Enigma then leave it because I have give the answer of the most difficult questions and hint for simpler questions.


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