Friday, February 12, 2010

Opera Mini 5 beta is really the best browser for Mobile Phones

Yes, I am saying it because I have tested Internet Explorer Mobile, Opera 4, Skyfire, and few more browsers (not worth mentioning). Among them the two browsers I liked are Opera 4 & Skyfire. But I was looking for some thing better, something which shall help me surfing many websites in tabs, showing the website exactly as it is and giving me desktop type browsing experience.

Finally it is possible, though it is not available for all Mobile Phones and is still in beta but it is really great. I am using it and loving it.

Download From website : Opera 5 beta 10

Some Cool Features :

Tabbed Browsing (You can open a lot of tabs)
Faster than Opera 4 (and Opera 4 was faster than any other mobile browser)
Password Manager
Mobile View/Desktop View
Landscape Mode
Adaptive Zoom
and lots more....

Check out the website for more info and mobile compatibility.

Have Fun

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