Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Popup Card Designer Pro Ver. 3.2

Tamasoft has release Popup Card Designer Pro Ver 3.2, previously the Pop up card designer software (The normal Popup Card Designer) had some restrictions and was not such user friendly. But this Version has introduced a lot of features and functions.

For instance, you can create popup card design by keeping a real photo as reference. You can also create complex Pop-up Cards.

For more functions and features check out the website : Pop-up Card Designer Pro

This software is shareware and you will need to buy license for unlocking the Save As & Export feature but Printing is enabled.

Here is a tip : Print the files to PDF Printer and it works fine.

But if you want to register then its cheap (only $32)

Don't forget to check the samples. It has a very nice sample of Taj Mahal. Its easy to build and impress others.


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