Monday, January 25, 2010

BSNL 3G Service

Finally I got my 3G Sim working, I brought it on 24th Dec 2009, way before anyone on Shahjahanpur was aware that 3G is about to be launched. But unfortunetly due to one single mistake, I could not used it for more than 20 days, and when it was officially launched then I went to check with the Local BSNL Franchisee and with some trial and error attempts I was able to get 3G signal on my Samsung Omnia Pro.

Its not like that I havn't contacted BSNL Customer Care but they were worst, they never had any idea what they were talking about and how to solve a particular problem. Infact they always say my call is to be forwarded to 3G department when already it was forwarded to them. They don't have any idea to what to say, even one went straight to say that he knows nothing and his superiors also don't listen to them so its useless to call Customer Care. I think BSNL should shutdown the Customer Care Deptt.

But finally it worked. One problem still I am facing and that is Signal Problem, I am not getting 3G Signal inside my house so I can not use it when I am in home :(

I tried to use the Video Call function but sadly none of my know person has 3G Phone or BSNL Sim, so I asked one of my friend to get a BSNL 3G Sim today and then we can check the Video Call option.

The Mobile TV Function will also not work on Samsung Omnia Pro, so its another loss of having Samsung phone over nokia ones.

But when I tested its Internet speed outside of my home then the results were good, though not as claimed by BSNL (might be signal problem). BSNL claims to get 3.2 Mbps speed but actually I got 0.2 Mbps speed which is equal to 250 Kbps speed, and this speed is same what I am getting from my Sify Broadband connection. So its good for now, but I will check the speed at different places to find what the actual speed I will get in Shahjahanpur.

I will soon put the BSNL 3G speed result as well as Video Call result on this blog very soon.

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