Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Tricks to Increase Google Page Rank for Your Website/Blog

Here are 5 simple tricks to increase your Google Page Rank, you can try them to see increase in your pagerank very fast.

1. Getting Incoming Links from High Quality (High PR) related sites.

Getting backlinks from related websites/blogs increases your Page Rank quite fast. But make sure that the sites should be of related category otherwise you won't get much benefit. Signature Links are good place to start. You can join various forums related to your blog/site and then put a Link back on your Signature area. Thus you will gain good link backs.

2.Useing SEO Techniques to improve your site

You need to use various SEO Techniques to make your blog/site Search Engine friendly, like putting proper meta description, meta tags, having sitemap etc.

3. Writing Good Quality Original Content

The most important factor for website popularity is by its content. Writing high quality original content will bring you good visitors who can link your site on their own blogs and websites for source to various articles. Thus you will get good SEO score and rank better on Page Rank. Also original content is important because if google engine finds that your content is copied from other site then it will downgrade your page rank which will be nearly impossible to increase back.

4. Don't take links backs from every sites

As said in first point quality link backs is important. Getting links from nearly every site will downgrade your site's Page Rank. Only look for related websites/blogs.

5. Regularly update your website

Updating your website at regular interval will increase your site's search engine visibility and thus your Page Rank will increase.

Try any of the above techniques and you will see a remarkable rise in Google PR.

One important note : Don't forget to put a link to google.com on your website, this may help in long run.

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