Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Some more Jokes...... (No Offense Please)

1. Once santa goes to banta's house for takin a bath as the water is not there in banta's house after takin a bath banta comes to santa and says
"yaar tera bathroom toh bahut aacha hai par bath tub bahut chota hai " on this santa replies
"yaar to phir bath tub ki jage toilet ki seat me naha kar aaya "

2.Santa ( to his son ) : Itne kam marks? do thappad marne chayiye.......!
Santa's son : Haan papa.. chalo...mene us master ka ghar dekha

3.If in examination hall
during d exam
u feel tht d paper is tough,
dont worry.
Just close ur eyes,
take a deep breath
n say 2 urself
"Dis is a very interesting subject.
I want to study it one more time"

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